Entertainment culture influences our lives much more than we may already realize. With its influence on baby names, should it be necessary to draw the line on celebrity hero worship? Can a love for movies and tabloid perusing become harmful, especially when we begin subjecting our unborn children to celeb fanfare? How far is too far, really?


Whether it is detrimental to our culture or not remains to be seen, but there is no doubt that we are allowing entertainment to infiltrate our everyday. Now, even our own brood reminds us of a favorite comic book character or movie hero. Does it matter so much, or is it all just a matter of taste? You decide.


“Nameberry,” a website devoted to archiving hot baby names, recently debuted the 2014 user hot list with such names as “Katniss,” “Khaleesi,” “Elsa,” and “Hazel” climbing into the top 100 spots for girls, and “Jayden,” “Knox,” “Bodhi,” and “Mason” all claiming popularity among boys. The names were collected from the first half of the year so new names may claim their own fame as well. Whether celebs choose their favorite names and we copy them, or wildly popular series like “Game of Thrones” influence viewers, it’s true that celebrity culture permeates our lives on a much deeper level than expected.


The most interesting aspect of “Nameberry’s” list is that it is based off of parental interest. “Huffington Post” even covered the details of how the company organizes their annual and mid-year tabulations. The publication added that “rather than a measure of what people named their babies in the past, like the official popularity lists from the US and other countries, the Nameberry list gauges which names parents are most interested in for babies due to be born in coming months.”  Listed below includes Nameberry’s Top 10 Baby Names of 2014 (So far).


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What do you think of the hot baby names to top both lists? Would a character or celebrity  affect your choosing a unique name for your child? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro