Take note: Alejandro Rose-Garcia, stage name “Shakey Graves,” is the next big indie/folk sensation. In a world of “artificial” folk singers, Shakey Graves is the real deal. He is a native of Austin, Texas, and resembles the raw grit and traditional blues stylings of an old southern folk artist. His slow melodic tunes with intricate finger plucking and rhythmic bass line sounds as if he was plucked right off of the old railroad track with nothing but his knapsack and guitar.


Shakey Graves, who thought of this unique stage name as a joke one night on a camping trip with friends (they assigned everyone fake Indian names like “Spooky Wagons” and “Spinster Jones” and his name, “Shakey Graves,” stuck), is an unbelievably talented musician. He sings his own soulful folkloric blues lyrics with a gnarly rasp edge, simultaneously playing rhythmically complex guitar and head-spinning tempo-change-ridden bass lines with pedals operated on both feet. Shakey Graves is a mesmerizingly gifted musician and performer.




Not only does he flawlessly execute the duties of at least three band members, he does an impeccable job of capturing the uninterrupted attention of the audience. If you listen closely to the music, it is very complicated rhythmically, and there are multiple changes in the song — both in tempo and in tone. Shakey Graves spent years traveling and studying the methods of the best folk acts, one-man band act Bob Log III chief among them; he has learned his interesting and attention-grabbing methods from him: “He plays and changes his tempo and is very nonlinear, so he’d change the tempo and hit the sweet spot so your body just kind of naturally pays attention to what he’s doing, and he kept doing it… I totally took a mental note of that.”


Experience in theater taught him how to change the intonation and rhythm of a song, “and then it became a math thing; how far away I could get away with similar tempos, when I had to change tunings, how frequently people would accept a quiet song.” Through these musings, Shakey Graves has surely mastered the art of performance; it’s one thing to listen to his music on headphones and appreciate the tone of his voice and the intricacies of the finger-picking, etc. But adding the visual aspect to the performance takes it to the next level.


Shakey Graves will release his sophomore album, “And The War Came,” on October 7. Definitely something to look forward to! Check here for tour dates and shows near you!


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