Showbox is one of the best apps to stream online videos or watch movies online with great ease. Hardly any alternative is better at what it does than Showbox. But just like any other apps, it has its own set of bugs and glitches that need to be addressed. It does a great job of letting you watch movies and videos online and once accustomed to showbox app, you wouldn’t want to be held back. But when it stops working or just freezes or anything happens that makes it unable to run on your device, it is extremely frustrating. If you are facing problems with Showbox, you are not alone there are many who have faced similar problems as you and are currently facing too. Don’t worry, we have a solution for you that will make everything right and you’ll be back to enjoying awesome videos and movies on Showbox like before.

Here are some of the common problems relating to why Showbox is not working for you. Hopefully, with the solution in hand you can easily get rid of the problem.

Showbox is not playing, uploading or updating and constantly crashing

If the Showbox app is not playing any videos or you are unable to upload anything or maybe it’s constantly crashing, the problem is not minor and you can hardly do anything to overcome this. You can try to uninstall the app and then re-install it again to see if that fixes the problem. If not, then you have to choose any other alternative solution for viewing movies or videos online.

Showbox is unable to work with Chrome cast

This is another major problem that many of the users have been facing lately. Showbox offers great features to cast your device content to TV or a Chrome cast. But sometimes it doesn’t work properly when we try to cast it with Chrome cast. To tackle this problem, we have a working solution for you that can fix it. Follow this simple process to get your Showbox to cast again: Reboot the Chrome cast. Head to settings on your device and find Apps manager in it. Once you are at the apps manager, select the Avia app and clear the complete data. After you follow this step, reboot your device. After everything’s done, try to launch Showbox and cast it on Chrome cast.

This should be able to solve the problem like it did for us. Hope you don’t face any problems after following this process step by step.