Last week, Twitter’s CEO Dick Costolo announced his resignation from the trendy company. Shortly afterward, Snoop Dogg took to the social media platform and nominated himself in consideration for Costolo’s replacement.



In classic Snoop fashion, he ensured that fans everywhere knew the order of his priorities — in less than 140 characters.



He even started his own hashtag handle, #SnoopforCEO, which sparked conversations examining all of the “what ifs.” The hashtag, #IfSnoopWasTwitterCEO, was widely received and consists of comments filled with puns on some of the rap artist’s favorite lines, mainly ones relating to marijuana.



Costolo’s countdown until his final day still stands at over a couple of weeks as he presumably transitions his role over to co-founder Jack Dorsey, interim CEO. In the meantime, should this self-endorsement be something that Twitter‘s Board of Directors strongly considers?


The 43-year-old rapper has released albums regularly since 1993 and even dropped an album just over a month ago entitled “Bush.” He has been nominated and awarded several honors at big time ceremonies including the American Music Awards, the BET Awards, as well as the MTV Awards. Snoop’s talent can also be seen on several collaboration albums throughout the year. It’s safe to say that the man has talent and knows how to make himself successful.


Fans are most certainly aware of his ability to spark conversations; we all remember when he decided to be addressed as Snoop Lion instead of Snoop Dogg. The Twitter conversations alone regarding his new executive goal recruited 20,000 followers on Twitter.


Perhaps, Snoop Dogg holding office as Twitter’s new CEO is not a bad move. Despite his previous incidents involving marijuana, Snoop plays well with others. The details are not concrete, though, and it is not certain whether or not Snoop will submit his resume to Human Resources. Nonetheless, the idea is quite entertaining.


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