Although superheroes have dominated San Diego Comic-Con over the last few years, other genres still maintain a rabid fan base, “Star Wars,” in particular. Due to the poor quality of the prequel trilogy, many have been clamoring the sci-fi franchise to return to form for decades.


Footage shown at the convention can be viewed below:


From the new, up-and-coming actors joining the cast — see: Adam Driver, Domhnall Gleeson, and Gwendoline Christie — to the returning locales of Tatooine, sci-fi fans in general have much to get excited about. As stirring as it is for fans to see all of the amazing new additions to the “Star Wars” universe, at a certain point we cannot deny how nostalgic the saga makes us feel.


The answer to our prayers came when the actors from the original trilogy — Mark Hamill, Carrie Fisher, and Harrison Ford — sat down at a panel to promote the upcoming release of Episode VII. Even more impressive was that the convention marked Ford’s first public appearance since suffering severe injuries in a plane crash last March.


Regarding the reunion with his fellow stars, Ford had this to say:

“It should have felt ridiculous…it was 30 plus years ago and I sorta grew up. Yet here I was. I will tell you that it felt great.”


Carrie Fischer, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford at the "Star Wars" panel at Comic-Con.

(left to right) Carrie Fischer, Mark Hamill, and Harrison Ford at the “Star Wars” panel at Comic-Con. (

He would go on further to explain the importance of “Star Wars” for the maturation of his career, and in a way, many younger fans feel the same way. The original “Star Wars” trilogy has had a lasting impact on the lives of people all over the world, and the crowd’s reception of Hamill, Fisher, and Ford makes that abundantly clear. Having the older actors as central parts of the ensemble grounds the upcoming “Star Wars” films in a way that the prequels simply couldn’t. Rather than relying on lackluster references and fan service, we will have the chance to really see the torch be passed from one generation to another.


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