Social media is one of those things that requires skill to master; the results of mishandling it can be disastrous. Even enormous companies and public figures, such as Clorox or comedian Trevor Noah, have fallen prey to their own social media gaffes. When looking for a celebrity who seems to have an innate acumen for social networking, look no further than Stephen Amell, star of The CW’s “Arrow.”


Actor Stephen Amell points to a sticky note on his forehead, telling fans he is live on Facebook

Actor Stephen Amell has built a loyal fan base on Facebook. (Stephen Amell/Facebook)

Amell, a Canadian native who turns 34 today — happy birthday, Stephen! — has developed a strong fan base on Facebook, consisting over 3.6 million followers. Opting to run the page himself, Amell regularly posts videos and engages his fans in the comments sections.


With nothing off limits, he shows his fans every side of himself, from displaying how he gets in shape to play superhero Oliver Queen, to something as normal as playing patty cake with his daughter. More than most public Facebook pages, his fan page feels like a community; he takes viewer questions seriously and spotlights “Arrow” fan art frequently.



This sort of transparency has created mutual respect between Amell and his loyal fan base. In an interview, he explained his relationship with his fans:

“If you give fans a little bit, then when you ask for privacy you’ll get it. Whereas if you hold them at arm’s length constantly, everyone will try to claw and get at you.”


Beyond the “Arrow” fans, Amell has utilized his social media to generate excitement for his other endeavors. As an avid philanthropist, he has used social media to promote numerous campaigns. His notable campaigns include “Fuck Cancer,” as well as the “Sinceriously” campaign, which raised money for Stand for Silent and Paws & Stripes. He has also mostly relied on social media to advertise his vineyard, “Nocking Point Wines,” alongside his upcoming show, “Dudes Being Dudes in Wine Country.”


Stephen Amell in a "sinceriously" shirt

Stephen Amell shows off his “Sinceriously” shirt for the social campaign. (

This does not mean that Amell views all social media platforms equally. In an interview with “Access Hollywood” while promoting the third season of “Arrow,” he made it perfectly clear that he prefers Facebook to Twitter, citing the negativity and “vitriol” that the latter platform can generate.


No longer just a TV superhero, Amell has become a hero to all with a passion for social media. With “Arrow” garnering phenomenal ratings and Amell’s star only growing, we can look forward to great things from his online presence in the future.


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