When David Letterman announced his retirement from “Late Show” just a week ago, speculation began as to who would be his successor. Names like Craig Ferguson, Chelsea Handler, Neil Patrick Harris, and Jon Stewart were thrown out by viewers and the media as possibilities, but fans of Comedy Central’s “The Colbert Report” should be excited to hear that it is none other than Stephen Colbert himself who will be taking Letterman’s place.


The actor and comedian got his start in television on the short lived Comedy Central series “Strangers With Candy.” Around the same time, Colbert joined the cast of the newly formed “The Daily Show,” hosted by Jon Stewart. There, he worked as a comedic, satirical news correspondent. It was on “The Daily Show” that Colbert would develop his right-wing, know it all character that we have come to know and love.


Even in his small role on “The Daily Show,” audiences could recognize that Colbert was a true and unique talent. His popularity led to the creation of “The Colbert Report,” a spin-off of “The Daily Show,” in which Colbert is the host. He often uses the show to satirize standard broadcasting techniques and the right-wing of American politics.


The naming of Colbert as Letterman’s successor, along with the installation of Jimmy Fallon and Seth Meyers on the NBC late night talk shows, represents a massive changing of the guard that is slowly seeping into the mainstream media. Coming up on Comedy Central, Colbert cultivated an audience that is far younger than that of Letterman or the other late night talk show hosts. This young audience wants nothing to do with the standard talk show host that they have gotten in the form of Letterman, Leno, or Ferguson. That brand of humor just does not work for them. In Colbert, we get a strong, youthful comedic voice that speaks directly to the massive millennial generation in the United States and elsewhere.


In my personal opinion, CBS could not have chosen a better host to take over their flagship talk-show. Colbert has boasted great ratings on Comedy Central for years now, willing several Emmys for his work, and he will surely bring most of that audience to the “Late Show” with him. It will certainly be refreshing to have a comedian and satirist of his caliber working on a major network like CBS.


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