A whirlwind of events have happened this week with some of our favorite musicians.  Let’s take a look to see what went down this week.


1. Foo Fighters’ Musical Throne

Dave Grohl, Foo Fighters frontman, opened up to Consequence of Sound about some of his more recreational activities. When word spread of his fractured leg, fans awaited the announcement of his return. The Foo Fighters took the stage again with a new addition to their set design: a big throne for Grohl! Its aesthetics are impressive enough, but what serves as a better story is knowing that the guitarist was riding a good trip on morphine and oxytocin.

Perhaps waiting for the band to come back wasn’t so long after all.




2. Disclosure and Sam Smith collaborate again

Disclosure and Sam Smith‘s original child “Latch” was nothing short of impressive. The two came back together and have released Omen.” Disclosure performed on stage at the Pitchfork Music Festival in Paris unveiling the new material ahead of the duo’s second album release.




3. Facebook might invade your music world, too

Claims have been spread regarding the idea that social networking platform, Facebook, would be launching a music streaming service. Although these musically based startups seem to be popping up in the industry like daisies, not all of them can hold a successful reputation, if they are even true at all. Although the company has entertained the idea of ad-supported music videos, Facebook is not in the market for creating a streaming service.


4. Canadian politicians think they’re Nine Inch Nails

Rachel Notley, the Premier of Alberta; Don Iverson, the Mayor of Edmonton; and Naheed Nenshi, the Mayor of Calgary, all came together and designed a t-shirt based on the first letter of their last names. The acronym happens to also resemble the initials of famous band, Nine Inch Nails. Without realizing they had impeded on someone else’s intellectual property, the politicians received a cease and desist due to “some concerns about the trademark.” How about that for an interesting coincidence, eh?


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