Although we previously discussed the sheer abundance of leaks and rumors surrounding the production of Warner Bros. upcoming “Suicide Squad,” one detail has thus far eluded us: what character is Scott Eastwood playing? Now let’s take a look at the greater DC mythos and try to deduce who the son of cinematic great, Clint Eastwood, will portray.


Scene from live action film of Deathstroke


1. Deathstroke

A fan favorite and long-time member of the Suicide Squad, Slade Wilson’s popularity recently experienced a serious bolstering as a result of his villainous stint on season two of “Arrow.” The resurgence of popularity could prove more than enough to see him move to the big screen. Set photos of “Suicide Squad” have thus far all shown Eastwood without Wilson’s trademark mask or eyepatch but then again the film could provide an origin for how Wilson became Deathstroke.



Comic of Dick Grayson pointing a gun towards the viewer point of view.


2. Dick Grayson

The former — and arguably most popular — Robin, Dick Grayson recently underwent a transformation in the comics, dropping his mantle of Nightwing to go undercover for Batman in an organization known as Spyral. It seems very plausible that Spyral could be replaced by Amanda Waller’s Suicide Squad, and Dick could once again be undercover for Batman trying to figure out Waller’s plans for the incarcerated villains. This also opens up the possibility that Grayson could return to the role of Nightwing in a later film, which DC fans have long clamored for.



Comic of the KGBeast teling someone they will be called "Robin."


3. KGBeast

Probably the most obscure entry on this list, the Russian supervillain Anatoli Knyazev has already been rumored to appear in “Batman V Superman.” His apprehension by either titular hero could lead to his incarceration in Belle Reve prison, and the informal introduction to the Suicide Squad. Working against this theory however, is that Anatoli Knyazev has already appeared on “Arrow” and that show’s flashback storylines seem to be working towards showing Oliver Queen’s history with the Russians. Warner Bros. has opted to keep their TV properties separate from film — hence less Deathstroke in “Arrow” season three — so we shouldn’t expect multiple iterations of KGBeast.



Image of Red Hood


4. Jason Todd / Red Hood

Another former Robin, Jason Todd, ended his sidekick career in violent fashion, killed by the Joker’s hand while on assignment with “The Dark Knight.” After being revived by Ra’s Al Ghul, he donned the guise of the Red Hood — a famous Gotham crime alias — and began terrorizing The Batman. Rumors have already surfaced hinting that Ben Affleck’s Bruce Wayne will shoulder the guilt caused by the death of a Robin at the hands of the Joker. This could lead to interesting dramatic tension between the fallen hero and the Clown Prince of Crime. However, Marvel’s Winter Soldier bears many similar traits to the Red Hood so Warner Bros. may wish to avoid him to avoid unfair comparisons, having been beaten to the punch.



Wonder Woman carrying Steve Trevor in her arms


5. Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor — long known as the love interest to Wonder Woman — could be a perfect role for Eastwood to further round out the greater DC Cinematic Universe. Going off of the most recent comic book continuity, Trevor holds a high-ranking position in A.R.G.U.S — Amanda Waller’s secret organization that sponsors the squad — and eventually becomes government liaison to the Justice League. This theory seems to have the least working against it, as Eastwood seems garbed in fairly normal tactical gear on set, and Trevor has no distinctive outfit or outward attributes.


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