Ever since the acquisition of the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the worldwide entertainment conglomerate owned by a mouse, Disney, superhero films have become it’s own category of films. Instead of the sporadic and occasional “X Men” film or “Spiderman” movie that would be released about yearly or so, Disney seems to have produced and continues to produce sequels, prequels, standalone films, spinoffs and Netflix original shows almost to the point where it’s become excessive.


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While I’ve personally enjoyed many Marvel Cinematic Universe movies such as the classic “Avengers” series for many more reasons than just so I can ogle at Scarlett Johansson’s beauty, I think some of the films have been just a bit unnecessary. Regardless of the build up leading to a movie, “Avengers: Infinity War”, with a larger ensemble than “Saturday Night Live” has ever known, I would just like to ask whoever is directing these films if an “Ant Man” film was necessary to complete the canon.


No disrespect meant towards Paul Rudd, though. I’ll always love him as both Dave Paris from “Romeo and Juliet” and Bobby Newport in “Parks and Recreation”.  


Yet, I’ll admit that, as a former Disney employee, that they’re one of the most money hungry corporations in the world. Not that I’m trying to imitate Bernie Sanders talking about corporations, but look at other companies that Disney has purchased like LucasArts in 2012. Before the acquisition, a spin-off “Star Wars” film was unheard of. But in December of last year, we received just that in the form of “Star Wars: Rogue One.”


To continue the trend of slightly exploiting the movie franchises that Mickey Mouse purchases, Marvel Studios President Kevin Feige announced that 20 more films would follow the both untitled and unproduced fourth “Avengers” movie. With three films being released in 2018, Marvel is certainly aware of their success as a multi-franchise juggernaut. And the laundry list of well-established actresses and actors that they use, everyone from Chadwick Boseman for “Black Panther” and Kirk Lazarus himself Robert Downey Jr. for the well-fitting “Iron Man”, MCU has proved that they’re a successful franchise among actors too.


The specifics on the production for both “Avengers 4” and the following 20 films haven’t even been set in stone yet as they’re focusing mainly on the insane amounts of hype for “Avengers: Infinity War” and an upcoming solo film about Black Panther, a sequel to “Ant-Man” with The Wasp and an additional three movies before the “Phase 3” of their Cinematic Universe. According to ScreenRant, Feige directly hints that “Guardians of The Galaxy 3” will be the initial film in the beginning of “Phase 4”. Yet, since the fourth “Avengers” film won’t be released until May 2019, it’s still a while before any concrete, specific plans will be announced.


If you’re more interested on which Marvel films are in which number of phase, just please Google it. It’s way too complicated and convoluted to explain in this article.


Feige also plans on the 20 combined films taking well over a decade to complete in total, meaning that the many passionate fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe will have plenty of character introductions, badass super-powered action scenes with The Hulk decimating everyone and Stan Lee cameos to entertain their heroic minds for quite a while.


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