Feuds within the music industry have been commonplace for quite some time now. Whether it was the early and more simple times of Biggie Smalls Vs. Tupac Shakur, Taylor Swift vs. Whoever for the week or even the complex, troubling time of The West Coast vs. East Coast Feud, disagreements between artists in the music industry are a strange part of history that can’t be simply overlooked. Also, any rap lover has to admit that “Hit Em Up” by 2Pac will forever be the best diss track in existence.


However, it’s rather uncommon when it comes to feud among musicians for one party of the feud to not even have a history in music whatsoever. As strange as this description sounds although, this was the very real case when it came to arguably the strangest, most random beef to ever occur in the music industry as a whole.



About 18 months ago, rapper of hits such as “Airplanes” and “Strange Clouds” B.o.B tweeted his theories on the Earth being flat, by citing a picture of himself in an icy field overlooking what is assumed to be Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.


“The cities in the background are approx. 16miles apart. Where is the curve? Please explain this,” the caption read.


The rapper then fired off a barrage of tweets about his many theories supporting the flat earth theory, over 50 tweets in total. Those tweets consisted of remarks each more ridiculous than the previous one, including one about how NASA is lying about the Earth’s shape and plenty of strange, fictional maps to prove his “point”.


B.o.B is far from the only person who believes this constantly debunked theory on the shape of the Earth. Among the many conspiracy theories, it’s one of the more popular ones. The theory’s popularity is shared only by the 9/11 “truther” conspiracy and the “lizard people” conspiracy.


The Flat Earth Society is arguably the face of self-described “flat Earthers” everywhere. A group of like-minded individuals, the group pushes for more research done on the Earth and wholeheartedly stands by their beliefs, with a following of over 17,000 people on Twitter.



After B.o.B’s series of strange Tweets, famed astrophysicist Neil DeGrasse Tyson decided to respond very classily, by simply stating scientific facts such as the longitude and latitudes of various locations as well as referencing The Equator’s reach around the globe.


Instead of admitting his fault, B.o.B responded with a diss track towards Tyson, who has no experience in the music industry but more than makes up for it in knowledge in science, entitled “Flatline.” Throughout the three-minute and 28-second song, B.o.B made several ridiculous assumptions, including that Tyson was being bribed by NASA into promoting the truth about a round Earth and even hinting at denying The Holocaust.  



Tyson did what any astrophysicist involved in a strange feud would do and, with the help of his nephew Stephen Tyson, responded with a more factual diss track to the tune of “Back to Back” by Drake entitled “Flat to Fact.”


Throughout the course of this song, Tyson, through his nephew, mentions his many scientific merits and accomplishments, including his historic tenure at the Hayden Planetarium and the fact that he in fact has spent many decades studying the shape of the Earth. As opposed to B.o.B’s track which just seemed to be somewhat incoherent ramblings and regurgitations of already well-known conspiracy theories, Tyson’s track appeared be be much better written.

“Very important that I clear this up / You say that Neil’s vest is what he needs to loosen up? / The ignorance you’re spinning helps to keep people enslaved, I mean mentally.”


While very humorous, it’s proof that no individual, regardless of profession, is immune from rap beefs.


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