In the realm of entertainment, there are just too many stories for fans of the industry to keep up. With the era of social media gaining traction with each passing day, it’s easy to peruse through the feeds to read enough headlines to keep up.  Here’s a look into the best news that was reported this past week.

Bastille used Glastonbury as a new venue to debut their latest material prior to public release. (

1. Glastonbury

England’s five-day festival is always a good “go-to” type of topic, regardless of one’s music taste. With five days full of well known to up and coming musical acts, there’s a story for everyone to grab a hold of. Emily Eavis, the organizer of Glastonbury, said, “We’re honored to welcome the Dalai Lama to Glastonbury 2015. He will be taking the Green Fields and exploring the farm this Sunday as part of his trip to the UK. What a special moment for the Festival!” Unfortunately, China wasn’t too ecstatic about the invite, equating it to the participation of “anti-China activities.” This incident definitely takes the cake as the most noteworthy response to the festival, alongside fans’ complaints of Kanye West’s “inappropriateness” during his performance.  At least, Bastille debuted some new material, so some fans had to walk away feeling somewhat satisfied.


2. Rihanna’s Music Video

Rihanna’s recent song “B**** Better Have My Money” sparked loads of success on the radio, and now the music video is all the rage. The title of the track alone speaks on how little is censored nowadays, and the music video well supports that idea. Chock full of kidnapping, murder, and revenge, Rihanna’s video is nothing short of amusing. The video went viral, of course, and it seems that all news outlets have shared the video. See below, but be warned that it’s not exactly one to generate “feels.”


3. Robin Thicke’s Post-Trial Confession

The copyright controversy surrounding the hit song “Blurred Lines” was old news until Robin Thicke admitted that he was not in the best condition during his deposition.  “It was two weeks after my separation from my wife,” says Thicke. “I was going through personal hell at the time. And I was careless in the deposition. I can’t go into the details of what was said in the deposition beyond that, because of the ongoing litigation.” This statement probably won’t go back and change the results of the settlement, but at least Thicke is owning up to how he feels.


The Apple logo next to Beats headphones to promote the new partnership

Trent Reznor strives for Apple Music to provide music fans the same feelings they would exhibit as if walking through a record store. (Image Credit: CNN Money)

4. The Music Favoritism Battle Continues

In the realm of music licensing battles, talks of artists making their material exclusive to one streaming service have surfaced. Prince, for example, has made his material exclusive to Tidal. He stated, “I personally can’t stand digital music. You’re getting sound in bits. It affects a different place in your brain. When you play it back, you can’t feel anything. We’re analog people, not digital.” Prince has a point there!


Interestingly enough, Trent Reznor spoke on his involvement with Apple Music.

“People aren’t going to suddenly want to buy CDs again and feel good about overpaying for them. That’s a fact. Most of my peers have swallowed the bitter pill that I have swallowed, which is that you don’t make a lot of money selling music these days…I want that feeling of walking into an independent record shop, if there are still any that exist, like Amoeba [Records], and being delighted by the choices and the way music is presented to you with love and care. It’s exciting. And you leave with stuff you wouldn’t have dreamed you wanted and you’re excited to listen and share it and experience it.”

This week wraps up with another punch thrown in the legal music fight, a few notable moments from England, celebrity confessions and an interesting music video. Let’s see what next week has to offer.


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