The saga that has been over 20 years in the making may finally be coming to an end.


In fact, this past June 17 marked the 23rd anniversary of the famous car chase that involved O.J. Simpson that was being televised around the country.


This upcoming October 3 will mark the 22nd anniversary of the famous verdict that found him not guilty on both counts of murder versus his ex-wife Nicole Brown Simpson and Ron Goldman.


All of this is significant because as early as this upcoming October 1, O.J. Simpson will be released from Prison, on parole, stemming from an arrest for an arrest in 2007 where Simpson was found guilty of armed robbery and kidnapping.


So what does all of this mean?


All of this means that within the past 23 years, Simpson has went from avoiding prison and getting away with double murder, to going to prison for robbery and kidnapping and now being released from prison after serving the minimum nine years of a 30-year sentence.


All of this means that it is inherently clear that Simpson’s star power and celebrity still oozes into the minds of the American public and more important, into the court system.


You see, Simpson hasn’t stepped on the football field as a professional since the 1980’s yet he has still been in the spotlight and the overall conscience of the American people for the past 30-40 years since.


Countless media coverage and now, documentaries, have been devoted to this man’s life and more specifically, the 1994 trial, which has only enhanced the reach that Simpson has. The coverage, the question of whether he did it or not, is he above the law… it brings to light that when you achieve celebrity status in this country and sustain it for some time, the rules tend to be bent in your favor whether you realize it or not.


For the average person, had they been charged with double murder, not only would they have not received 1 percent of the media attention O.J. got, but they would have probably been charged on one of the two murder counts. How many of us can afford the amount of legal representation that Simpson needed to withstand that trial? Not many.


For the average person, had they been charged with armed robbery, kidnapping and given up to 30 years in the cell, more likely than not, they wouldn’t have gotten off on parole after appearing defiant in the parole hearing.


(Business Insider)

To be fair, it was said that Simpson was an upstanding citizen in prison and presented no problems his nine years there. So he deserved the opportunity to be given Parole and to sit in front of the judges to plead his case. Those are the rules of the system. However, when you come up there and really show no clear signs of remorse for what you had done and instead stand your ground on the reasoning for doing what you did to get there in the first place, then this is where it gets fishy.


Those judges are human too. They know who O.J. is. More likely than not, they probably watched him play and admired him to some degree. More likely than not, they witnessed the ‘94 trial and probably felt like many Americans might have felt when he got acquitted… relieved for O.J. More likely than not, they watched the documentaries done on the situation and formed an opinion on the man who was in front of them last week.


So when O.J. came to that stand, acted the way he did and it was still ruled unanimously that he should receive parole, it really wasn’t a surprise because the allure of O.J. Simpson still reigns supreme.


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