Hey there, music lovers! It’s about that time of year; summer is coming to a close, and it’s time to take inventory of your music. You probably made a killer summer playlist at the beginning of the summer with the latest from your favorite bands. Well, since you made that perfect playlist, there have been even more great releases from some awesome artists. Take a look at these highlights we’ve set aside for you:


1. Alt-J’s new single: “Every Other Freckle” This atomic and dynamic single from indie rockers Alt-J came to our attention earlier this month upon its release August 13. It is an intense and magnetic number featuring those deliciously raspy vocals we love so much from lead singer Joe Newman and some sexy lyrics with a mysterious vibe conveyed through some interesting keyboard work and backup vocals.


2. The Griswolds new single “Right On Track” This ethereal tropical number (a combination we previously did not believe possible) released August 5th by Aussie indie pop/rock group, The Griswolds, brings a vintage 80s style of production to a modern rock tune. This light and flowing song contrasts their earlier, more upbeat and punky selections, but if this track gives us any insight to their new album aesthetic, they are going to be coming out swinging with their new album. The highly anticipated new album, “Be Impressive” will be released through Wind-Up Records August 25th.


3. Lana Del Rey’s new album “Ultraviolence” Check out this sultry album for some signature morosely beautiful tunes from Lana Del Rey. Her airy vocals drift over some fresh material in this dark and foreboding album. Our favorite track off the 11 track album, which came out this June, is “West Coast” which is an entrancing and twisted view of a dark love. The dark lyrics of this song are almost negligible as they are whispered over the dissonant and haunting melody.


4. Ed Sheeran’s “X” Ed Sheeran offers up an ecclectic mix of his diverse musical talent in his latest album “X” released this past June. You might’ve already heard a few songs off of this record, like “Sing” or “I See Fire,” which was featured in the ending credits of the second “Hobbit” movie (or maybe you aren’t a super nerd like this writer), but the great thing about this album is everything. There are hidden gems in this album that will keep you hooked for months. Listen to the gorgeous song “Tenerife Sea,” or the moody “Don’t.” Wow. He raps!


5. Sylvan Esso’s self titled debut album. This new band has instantly made a name for themselves with their new album “Sylvan Esso” that is pure fire. The beats in this album are out of this world and lead singer Amelia Meath’s vocals are rick in tone and extremely versatile. Meath’s clear vocal talent is made better only by the skillful production of Nick Sanborn of Megafun. Listen to “Coffee” or “Hey Mami” to discover the best kind of addiction. This album will be the soundtrack of your life for the next six months.


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