If there’s one music sub genre that dominated the 1980’s, it was glam rock. Coming from across the pond, glam rock especially dominated in the United Kingdom, with many of the classic glam rock bands hailing from there. Glam rock bandmates themselves made sure their presence was known in the music industry by wearing outlandish costumes and occasionally makeup as well as rocking every stage in the world with phenomenal live performances. Their performances are so remembered and famous that  Just by the words “glam rock” alone, one imagines the many greats of yesteryear such as the legendary David Bowie, Roxy Music and the arguably one of the best bands to ever perform, Queen.


In particular, Queen revolutionized rock and became one of the highest selling bands in history. With Dr. Brian May’s one-of-a-kind guitar skills, John Deacon’s uncanny bass abilities, Roger Taylor’s fantastic drums and of course, the legend himself and possibly the greatest, most influential frontman to ever live on this green planet, Freddie Mercury. This man sung with such charisma and crowd-captivating tenacity that it almost hypnotized the millions of people who’ve seen Queen live. And from a logistical standpoint estimates of their record sales range from 150 million to 300 million records, meaning that they’re one of the best selling bands in music history.  


Although Mercury sadly and tragically passed away in 1991, his legacy as one of the all-times greats lived on in many individuals. One such example is Former American Idol contestant and successful artist Adam Lambert, who was so influenced by Queen and Mercury’s work that he himself fronts the band now and does an excellent job doing so.


But, of all the now neo-glam rock bands out there, one stands out among all the rest. Straight from the UK, The Struts’ unique personas and influences to classic glam rock are certainly present. Yet, the four members seem to have tweaked with the classic glam rock formula and put their unique spin on the sub genre.



For starters, if frontman Luke Spiller was born after 1991, I would’ve naturally assumed that he’s Freddie Mercury’s reincarnation. With all due respect to the many fantastic lead vocalists from the many awesome bands out there, the incredibly vibrant persona that Spiller carries himself with proves that he’s the only frontman who can truly be the closest thing we have to a spiritual successor to Freddie Mercury.


Spiller’s performing resemblance to Mercury isn’t a singular opinion that only I share, however. After seeing Spiller and The Struts perform live, Roger Goodgroves of Get To The Front described him as “the musical love child of Freddie Mercury and Mick Jagger” (2). During live performances, Spiller often leads the crowd in many eccentric chants and vocal rhythms, keeping them entertained throughout.


And to keep with the wonderful glam rock influences, all the members of The Struts, from bassist Jed Elliott to drummer Gethin Davies, all have decently long hair and Spiller himself even frequently dons makeup to match his shaggy and long dark hair. Their many hits, such as “Could Have Been Me”, “Kiss This” and most recently “One Night Only” are as catchy as they are pleasing to the ears. I can’t even count how many times I’ve become amped up by the entire band’s performance on their latest single.


And from a live band perspective, they’re nothing short of magical. They play with a chemistry not seen since the glam rock bands of the past and they’re an absolute blast live. Please do yourself a favor and see them when they visit your city in the future.


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