Of the numerous excellent television shows that personally fill my heart with joy including Parks and Recreation and Californication, they all have one important characteristic in common. Even though Parks and Recreation differs greatly from more mature dark comedies like Californication and Nurse Jackie, the one characteristic they have in common is the fact that they only went to seven seasons. From observable patterns in television, anyone can notice that shows going beyond a seventh season weren’t too well-received.


Case in point, who can honestly say they enjoyed the Dexter finale? Or for that obvious matter, what type of person can look someone in the eyes and truthfully say they enjoyed the awful finale for How I Met Your Mother? Those shows went past the magical seven seasons and their many fans sadly look back on the finale with a combination of regret and sadness. The reason for shows jumping the shark after seven seasons is obvious, though.


Simply put, the writers run out of situations for the protagonists to encounter and sometimes have to resort to changes and plots that their dedicated fans may not enjoy. It’s nothing to be embarrassed about, although. Many of my personal favorites ended after seven amazing seasons.



Now, one show is trying to break that stereotype while portraying the tumultuous and violent plot of an all out war. The Walking Dead, the long-running zombie drama based on the wildly successful comic, entered their eighth season which is loosely based on the “All Out War” storyline of the comics. The main group of survivors, along with allied colonies, are at war with the dangerous Negan and the Saviors.


Along with reaching the important milestone of eight seasons, The Walking Dead has also reached the dubious honor of 100 episodes. However, this reception hasn’t been entirely well-received by critics.  


Yet, many of the criticisms facing the show were based on it’s slow storytelling. While the eighth season has certainly started with a bang, the previous season couldn’t have been slower, with the pre-war plotline being dragged out over the course of an entire season. While yes, the action did pick up as the conflict with The Saviors worsened, but the initial set-up couldn’t have been more boring. And they seemed to be taking a similar route to Game of Thrones where they introduce a slew of characters, only for the villain portrayed by the excellent Jeffrey Dean Morgan to brutally kill off.


With my hand on a Torah, I believe that Jeffrey Dean Morgan deserves every Emmy and Golden Globe in existence for his portrayal of Negan. He alone carries the show in a way that none of the other characters do and I strangely find myself rooting in favor of all the many despicable actions that he commits. I’m so Negan that I dressed as him for Halloween, but that’s another story.


With the show recently celebrating both their 8th season premiere and 100th episode, they’ve changed the formula and are focusing more on action and drama as opposed to more character development. They’re introducing fewer characters and instead using the surviving characters for a much better and universal plot, All Out War.


Regardless of what the critics say, I disagree with them and to quote our president, it’s fake news. If you’re truly a fan of the show and/or comic series, then you’ll think this season is the best and most action-packed season in recent memory.


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