Previously on the Walking Dead…

The phrase we have all have been waiting for finally arrived last night. Watching clips from the last night’s episode brought back all the memories of the pain and sorrow that had befallen our heroes. I was anxious to see them be reunited and to see how they all pulled themselves together after losing such a peaceful way of life, free from the constant battles against the walkers.

Where’s Judith? Is the Governor a walker now? What about Hershel? Where did everyone go? Are they going to be separated from now on? Or will they make their way back to each other? Who survived? Did Rick survive?

While some of those burning questions weren’t answered in last night’s episode, a few were. Even some questions that had been brought up last season were answered. Namely, what is the story behind Michonne?

I understand why they would focus on this. Trying to bring some distraction and insight to her character was a little breath of fresh air (note: I said a little).  For the most part, you watch her pensively moving around, staying safe, and even kicking some serious walker ass.

You also see Rick and Carl moving around, trying to be safe, and fighting the whole way. Carl seems to resent Rick, and walks faster than poor Rick is capable of after his big showdown with the Governor. When they finally rest, and Carl then tries to wake Rick up, our hearts stop. Rick isn’t moving. Is he dead?

Carl gives a speech about all the things he hates about his dad, all the reasons he has been acting so mean and resentful for so long. Once he’s all done, he storms out like a child saying, “I’d be fine if you died.” Later in the night, when Rick starts making noises that usually only come from a walker, you could see Carl realize how much he loves his dad, and even say, “Just do it. Eat me.” Thank goodness Rick wasn’t really a walker, nor dead. I think that would’ve been too many lost characters for my taste.

Even though the most burning and immediate questions weren’t answered, I feel that this  episode of the season did it’s justice. There was a resolution between Carl and Rick that made me feel that Carl really had finally grown up, and that he wouldn’t grow up to be just another cold and emotionless man (which, honestly, I wouldn’t blame him if that did happened).

It also brought hope that the relationship between Carl and Rick would grow stronger and they could really become a team and problem solve together. And when Michonne even came on the scene, it implied that the next time we see these three they might be reunited? That left even more warm and fuzzy feelings.

Although the entire episode pulls on your heartstrings and makes you feel like all hope and light is lost, the very end makes you smile and almost cry for joy with your heroes. That glimmer of hope isn’t lost. Not yet at least. Let’s see what’s befallen to the rest of our heroes in next week’s episode.


What did you think of the return of the Walking Dead? Did you feel it was too dark? Not dark enough? What would you have liked to see? Share your insights in the comment section below or tweet me @kateeb790!