“The truth is out there.” For many avid television fans, these words defined the 1990s. This simple phrase encapsulated the mystery of “The X-Files,” a classic Emmy award winning series starring David Duchovny and Gillian Anderson as FBI paranormal investigators.


The show is remembered for helping innovate many common tropes of modern television. These accolades include helping solidify the format of procedural police dramas, a “will they-won’t they” romantic dynamic between partners, and even acting as the proving ground for “Breaking Bad” star Vince Gilligan.  


The show has cultivated an incredible legacy, and it is now set to continue with FOX’s announcement of an “X-Files” miniseries reboot.


The power of Netflix (Biglight.com)

The power of Netflix (Biglight.com)

While FOX and TV fans have no doubt rejoiced at the news, another company will also benefit from this development: Netflix. Although the company currently does produce television content of its own, such as the wildly popular “House of Cards,” many people primarily use it to “binge-watch” programs purchased from other companies. In this case, renewed interest in “The X-Files” on Netflix clued FOX in that there was money to be made in the old property. This is a tried and true business model; when a “24” proved a hit on Amazon’s online streaming service, FOX revived Jack Bauer to produce the miniseries “24: Live Another Day.”


Streaming services allow old shows to develop a fresh audience as new generations age into the target demographic. This effectively pulls in new viewers who desire something different, while reeling back old viewers looking for a stroll down memory lane. Nostalgia has proven psychological benefits to one’s health, and streaming services manage to capitalize on this by serving up happy memories for a reasonable monthly fee.


Both companies benefit from this deal, but the argument can be made that Netflix comes out as the true victor. What started as a small company that mailed DVD’s to subscribers and had a small online archive of classic programming has become a mover and shaker in the entertainment industry. Netflix has become a metric alongside the Nielsen ratings — determining what sort of programming audiences want to see developed.


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