TLC recently announced that it would be pulling the popular “19 Kids and Counting” from its network schedule following a scandal involving the eldest son of the conservative Duggar family.


The scandal arose after police records were published in In Touch magazine showing that Josh Duggar had been investigated as a teenager for molesting underage girls, including members of the Duggar family. This revelation forced the now-27 year old to acknowledge the matter publicly.


In Duggar’s public apology, he acknowledged past counseling and proper guidance and claimed he has since been set on the right path. Despite his efforts, TLC still severed its ties with the family indefinitely. This is not a transgression likely to be forgiven or forgotten any time soon, but for a different reason than one might think.


The bigger crisis is that Josh Duggar, his family, and authorities have been covering up this scandal and lied to the public about it for years.


Josh Duggar of the Duggar family was accused of molesting several underage girls in his teenage years.

The revelation of Josh Duggar’s past has jeopardized his entire family’s reputation. (

All members of the Duggar family who have stepped forward in Josh’s defense revealed that these incidents were no secret to them. They were well aware of what happened and took necessary steps to handle the issue. Even Duggar’s wife came forward and attempted to understand the public’s shock, citing the same shock she felt when Duggar confessed his secrets to her and her parents prior to their marriage.


The Duggar family reputation is one built on piousness, conservatism, and positive values. Unfortunately, this perceived hypocrisy discredits those qualities and contradicts the family’s attempt at genuine honesty and transparency. The decision to live in the public eye means the family has to maintain a level of responsibility for their privacy, for it is more of a luxury than a privilege.


Josh Duggar and the Duggar family created a positive image of themselves for years built on the omission of vital facts and details. As the family attempts to salvage their positive image, the public can’t help but wonder what else has been swept under the rug.


Do you think that the Duggar family had a responsibility to disclose information about Josh Duggar’s past with the public as the family rose to celebrity? Do you think the family’s failure to do so hurts its reputation? Share your thoughts below or tweet me @tamarahoumi