In many ways, English actor Tom Hardy’s image is timeless; he combines the visceral edge of a young Mel Gibson with the intensity of Robert DeNiro, with just a hint of Sean Connery’s charm. In recent years, he has become a staple for geeks and comic book fans around the world.


His portrayal of Bane in “The Dark Knight” trilogy stood out as a franchise high point, and many fans loudly voiced their distress when Joel Kinnaman (“Robocop”) replaced Hardy in the upcoming “Suicide Squad.” His interest in playing comic book anti-hero The Punisher also caused a recent buzz, a casting rumor which — for once — got the Internet excited rather than furious.


As of late, Hardy has stirred up interest around the Internet as he declared that he is not done adapting DC properties. He is apparently planning on a mysterious collaboration with them on the horizon.


Tom Hardy as Bane, his character in "The Dark Knight"

Tom Hardy’s role as Bane was iconic and contributes to his unforgettable reputation. (

When asked about the project, Hardy stated:

“It’s really good actually, it contains elements of all kinds of stuff. From Ocean’s Eleven, to Batman, you can get all the wrappers out and it would be a big, really cool, Technicolor, Pulp Fiction…It’s a psychological fuckfest, it’s absolutely awesome. It’s as if you would take Transmetropolitan and make it happen, but it’s not that out there it’s something which is much more real world. It could be like Heat, it could be f***ing awesome. Let me tell you what it is, try and guess.”


Hardy went further to describe the platform through which the studio will release the project, calling it “prime real estate.” Whatever role Hardy ends up playing, fans have cause to get excited. He has proven time and time again to have an innate ability to wholly inhabit his roles, and it is exciting to see where he takes this one.


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