Time travel, if handled poorly, can make for a film filled to the brim with redundancy. We have become so accustomed to the genre over the years, that we recognize the tropes and cliches for what they are and usually lose interest. But in the right hands, the device can make for an interesting and compelling story, so let’s celebrate the films that have managed to do time travel right.


5. “Army of Darkness” – It is the weakest of the “Evil Dead” films, but “Army of Darkness” is still a horrifically fun motion picture. Featuring one of the wackiest performances of Bruce Campbell’s career and a script far zanier than its predecessors, this is an entertaining film.


4. “Looper” – Do we even have to tell you what a cool film “Looper” was? Starring Joseph Gordon-Levitt in this time travel heavy sci-fi noir, Rian Johnson’s follow up to “Brick” was a classic example of style over substance. That style alone is enthralling enough to make “Looper” an unforgettable movie experience.


3. “Meet the Robinsons” – This criminally underrated Disney animation features an outstanding voice cast and one of the smartest scripts in the history of the studio. It’s a shame that “Meet the Robinsons” received mostly mixed reviews, as it is as satisfying and poignant as anything in the Disney pantheon.


2. “Back to the Future” – Generally considered to be the king of all time travel films, “Back to the Future” exploded on to the scene in 1985 and gave “Forrest Gump” director Robert Zemeckis the career he has today. No film has used time travel to greater comedic effect than this classic masterpiece of the genre.


1. “Midnight in Paris” – Woody Allen and time travel sounds like an odd mix, but that unassuming combination lead to what is perhaps the man’s best film since “Crimes and Misdemeanors.” With Owen Wilson acting as Allen’s stand-in, “Midnight in Paris” is funny, sweet, charming, and, of course, beautifully romantic.


What are your favorite time travel movies? Let me know in the comments below.