Like in film, women are criminally underrepresented on the creative side of television production. Creators, producers, and writers on most major shows, for whatever reason, tend to be men. One major exception is writer/producer/director Shonda Rhimes.


Since beginning her career in the business back in 1995, Rhimes has worked on several of the highest rated dramas on television.


Born in Chicago, Ill., Rhimes showed interest in telling stories from a very early age. After attending Dartmouth College and receiving her Bachelor’s degree, she moved to San Francisco where she found work in advertising. Soon after moving to California, though, she enrolled at the University of Southern California where she studied screenwriting and eventually earned her MFA.


As is the case for many filmmakers, Rhimes’s success was far from an overnight endeavor. Before becoming the creator she is today, she worked on a documentary, a few short films, and as a writer-for-hire on studio pictures such as “Crossroads” and “Princess Diaries 2.”


It was not until 2005 that Rhimes would find real success, in the form of the episodic drama, “Grey’s Anatomy.” Still airing on ABC today, “Grey’s Anatomy” has consistently received great ratings and critical acclaim. The show has been nominated for Emmy awards in nearly every year since its inception.


Due to her work on “Grey’s Anatomy,” Rhimes was guaranteed a career in television for many years to come. Subsequently, she worked on such programs as “Private Practice,” “Off the Map,” and the un-produced series, “Gilded Lily’s.” Many of her non-“Grey’s Anatomy” shows have managed to find success, especially “Private Practice.” That show ran for six seasons, all of which did well in terms of ratings.


Her most recent project is the much-talked-about ABC hit series “Scandal,” starring Kerry Washington. A political thriller, this show has earned acclaim for its performances and silly, but fun writing.


Next up for Rhimes is the recently ordered “How to Get Away With Murder,” again for ABC. The show will star Viola Davis, and judging by the title, this will be another thriller with soap opera underpinnings, not unlike much of what Rhimes has done in the past.


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