After hilarious, long-running, and beloved shows like “30 Rock” and “The Office” came to an end last year — and with “Parks and Recreation” announcing their last season — dedicated fans have been left with a TV comedy shaped void that until now could not be filled by any other show. Whether you are looking for a “30 Rock” replacement or you are simply looking for a hilarious new TV show to add to your faves, look no further than “Brooklyn Nine-Nine”!


Get your DVR’s ready; this brand new, hilarious cop-comedy is for anyone who is looking for a laugh. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” was met with high expectations, being co-created by writer Dan Goor and Michael Schur — the mastermind who brought us “Parks and Recreation” and “The Office.” However, after this first season ended in March, the show has certainly proven to measure up quite nicely. The show stars fan-favorite “Saturday Night Live” alum Andy Samberg, who won a well-deserved Golden Globe for his lead role as immature genius New York City detective, Jake Peralta.


“Brooklyn Nine-Nine” gets its genius from an all-star team of comedy writers and the hilarious and believable characters they create. Similarities between “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” and “Parks and Recreation” can be seen in the mockumentary-style direction of the show and through the way that the characters are presented and received by the audience.


Oftentimes in the television industry, it can be tempting for writers to “stall” the show from season to season in order to prolong viewership and stay up and running for longer time spans. This can make for a very frustrating plot and character progression. “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” co-creator Dan Goor takes an interesting stance on the development of characters on his shows:

“Mike [Schur] and Greg [Daniels] both have a philosophy that I share, which is when a character learns something on a show, they should really learn it. They shouldn’t be repeating their mistakes over and over again in an unrealistic way as if a prior episode hasn’t happened.”


The hilarious, ridiculous, and endearing characters on the show are what give the show its own voice and unique comedic quality.


The cliffhangers on the season finale this March that blew our minds have set the tone for the entire show, and hopefully for many seasons to come! In March, it was announced that FOX was picking up “Brooklyn Nine-Nine” for a second season.  As for goals for season two, Dan Goor says, “it would be very fun to continue to expand the world of Brooklyn, the world that the precinct touches, and that means introducing fun characters the way that Parks has done that.” Tune in this coming fall to see what the writers have in mind for the characters next season!


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