“Trailer Park Boys” is stupid. The characters are stupid, the situations are stupid, the premise even sounds inherently stupid, but there’s a charm and cleverness to the stupidity that makes the show one of the funniest ever put on air.


“Trailer Park Boys” follows Julian, Ricky, and Bubbles — three serial petty-criminals who live in a trailer park. Their days typically include smoking/growing/selling dope, drinking booze, stealing shopping carts, robbing stores, and running away from the cops. They are not too smart, with the exception of Bubbles, and often times they end up going to jail as a result of their schemes. This isn’t really all that bad for them, considering they actually sort of like going to jail.


Mike Clattenberg is the head writer and directs every episode of the series. Throughout the entirety of the show, he managed to foster a creative environment that made great comedy possible. While it’s well written and thought out, there are moments of impeccable humor that simply couldn’t have come from a writer sitting at a desk. The actors are perfectly in tune with their characters, which makes for some fantastic improvisation.


The cast is rather exceptional, too. John Paul Trembly is solid as the show’s lead, Julian. He isn’t what’s most memorable or enthralling about “Trailer Park Boys,” but he can put the show on his back when he needs to.


However, it isn’t the show’s lead that makes it so funny. Rather it is Mike Smith and Robb Wells as Bubbles and Ricky that makes “Trailer Park Boys” great. Their commitment to character and raw comedic ability make Bubbles and Ricky some of the funniest characters ever put on television.


There are seven seasons and two films in the “Trailer Park Boys” series. With a third film and two more seasons on the way, there’s plenty here to dig into. But I suspect you’ll binge through this one quickly. The 22-minute run time per episode makes it easy to watch for hours on end. Plus, you probably just won’t be able to stop watching it. It’s incredibly funny.


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