Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube — these are websites that are used daily by people all over the world to connect and share ideas. Being multibillion-dollar companies, these social sites are widely recognized brands.


What about the web sites that are just as entertaining and informative, but have less funding and great renown? Ranging from music playlists to funny images, there are many other underground web sites that caters to a different audience and serve distinct purposes.


1. Imgur

Imgur is a more user-friendly alternative to Reddit. If you are into seeing a gif of a cat hanging on for dear life on a glass door or laughing at several “Bad Luck Brian” memes, Imgur is the place for you.  Imgur users have the choice to browse through three sections: most viral, user submitted, and highest scoring.


The “most viral” board consists of a medley of images, gifs, and lists that surface afterward throughout the Web on multiple sites. “User submitted” is always an entertaining alternative to your tired Tumblr feed. “User sub” for short, this is where the heart of Imgur beats. Imgurians create their own posts ,and they can be quite interesting. User sub gives Imgur a sense of community like no other website.


2. 8tracks

Whenever you are feeling a little tired of your music library, a great website to turn to is 8tracks. Focused on the discovery of music, this site is a godsend for those who love to explore new bands and genres.


The web site is based on playlists that members create of various tracks by multiple artists. One good feature of 8tracks is its random mix of playlists. Listeners cannot see all the tracks on a playlist in one list as the case is with Spotify; instead, they must wait for the next song to play to know what it is.


Therefore, there is a new and unexpected experience of music for the user as they do not know what to expect next. Another neat feature of 8tracks are the playlists tagged for different moods to allow users to find music perfect for the mood they are in.


Foregoing the typical social media sites, more people should venture into the lands of Imgur and 8tracks for their idiosyncrasies and addicting experiences.


What are some websites that you feel are underrated? Do you feel we focus too much on the more popular sites and lose focus on potential greater sites? Talk to me about it on Twitter! @DeShonna_Aliyah