To be honest, we’re not quite sure what that would look like.  Unfortunately, after Foo Fighters guitarist Dave Grohl broke his leg a few weeks ago upcoming shows, including a headlining spot at Glastonbury 2015 in England, were canceled. It wasn’t until his healing process began that Grohl revealed his secret hope for the band’s slotted performance time.


Back in May, Grohl happened to be in London at the perfect time and was sent a text to meet at the O2 Arena. Coincidentally, this was the stage for Sir Paul McCartney that night. Upon Grohl’s arrival, he was handed a guitar just before McCartney’s encore set and was told, “OK, you’re doing ‘I Saw Her Standing There.'” The two played together, marking one of the greatest collaborations in history.



With the Foo Fighters’ set, Grohl secretly hoped to return the favor and text Sir Paul to come down and rock out with the band. He said in an interview, “So if Paul happens to be standing round the side of the stage at Glastonbury, this time it’ll be me saying: ‘Paul! ‘All My Life’! It’s in the key of G. Let’s go.'” In the interview he was also prompted as to whether or not he would extend the same welcome to the great Kanye West. He replied, “Sure! Why the f*** not?”


Sadly, this idea of having three of the greatest music icons on one stage is still something to dream about. Perhaps when Grohl is up and jumping around on stage again, we can petition for this epic performance to take place.


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