With the solidification of Adam Driver as the new villain in “Star Wars: Episode VII” in place, the next question is who is going to defeat the evil Adam Driver? Disney and Lucasfilm have had a few actors interested in playing the role, but who will they choose?

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Although nothing is solidified yet, Disney and Lucasfilm have confirmed that there will be an all-new hero trio, centered around Han’s and Leia’s kids. According to the Star Wars web site, it seems that they are looking to cast characters similar to Han, Luke, and Leia. The web site particularly stated this sequel “will star a trio of new young leads along with some very familiar faces. No further details on casting or plot are available at this time.”  The movie is also said to take place 30 years after “Return of the Jedi.”


Interestingly enough, the delay on casting is rumored to be that the execs and director J. J. Abrams want someone that is of a different ethnicity than the usual Caucasian cast members. They said they are dead set on making this film with a diverse set of characters.


Who are the potential candidates to be cast in this trio of heroes? There is plenty of interest and plenty of rumors about who they might be. According to Yahoo! News, “sources tell Variety magazine that ‘Downton Abbey’ thesp[ian] Ed Speleers, ‘Attack the Block’ star John Boyega, American actor Jesse Plemons, and theater actors Matthew James Thomas and Ray Fisher are among the men J.J. Abrams is eyeing for the lead role.”


Who do you think would be a great fit for the role? Do you think it’s a good thing or a bad thing that there will be a new but perhaps all-too-familiar trio? Let me know what you think in the comments below or tweet me @kateeb790!