New York based Wind-up Records recently announced their new electronic dance music specific label, Eclypse. In partnership with Australian house duo, Feenixpawl, the new label is set to recruit more EDM artists to publish and distribute their material.


The fascination with EDM is spreading with the creation of music festivals revolving around the genre, including Ultra Music Fest, Nocturnal Wonderland, and the Electric Daisy Carnival. Before this, though, some acts found their way into the lineups of already popular festivals, Coachella and Lollapalooza. Feenixpawl’s partnership, along with co-owner and family member to the band, Jason Forte, will help make way for other EDM artists to come up into the mainstream world. Wind-up General manager, Alan Galbraith, says, “it’s more than just a relationship between us and a very talented artist [Feenixpawl]. It’s the opportunity to — with their input — get deeper into the electronic music space.”


House duo, Feenixpawl, join with Wind-up Records in NYC to manage EDM inspired label Eclypse. (

House duo, Feenixpawl, join with Wind-up Records in NYC to manage EDM inspired label Eclypse. (

The head of Arts & Repertoire (A&R) for Wind-Up, Shawn Cohen, said in the press release:

“Wind-up has been wanting to get into the electronic music space, so once we started the conversation with Feenixpawl, it just seemed like a natural fit. They brought more to the table than just themselves as musicians and writers and performers — they brought with them a strategy.”


Along with that strategy is a section on the Eclypse website dedicated to demo submission. Look out, Zedd and Daft Punk! Aspiring EDM artists are coming your way, and someone is bound to get lucky.


Wind-Up Records has been alive and kicking since the late 1990s, breeding the well-known bands Creed, Evanescence, Five for Fighting, and Young Guns. It will be a great journey to see the the new acts arise from this venture.


In honor of Eclypse’s announcement, Feenixpawl released their new single,”Ghosts,” featuring Melissa Ramsay. Listen here:

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