This week’s woman crush is a universally adored comedian and TV personality who is so distinguished, we all know her by just her first name: Ellen. Ellen is not only a hilarious female comedian, breaking the false stereotype that women are not funny, she is an activist and a perfect model of a celebrity who creates positive change with her influence and fame, something that we do not see as often as maybe we should.


Ellen Degeneres started out as a stand up comedian, doing gigs in Louisiana after she dropped out of college at the University of New Orleans. She was successful as a standup at first; she was dubbed “The Funniest Person in America” in the early 1980’s through a contest at Showtime, leading to her television debut, landing supporting roles in two situation comedy TV shows, “Open House,” in 1989 and “Laurie Hill,” in 1992. She then went on to headline her own ABC TV show “These Friends of Mine,” later renamed “Ellen” in 1994, and went on to make TV history when her character on the show, and she herself, came out as gay. The show was cancelled after the next season due to a sharp decline in ratings, causing Degeneres to turn back to her old standup comedy routes.


Ellen, now a wildly successful daytime TV personality, LGBT advocate, and unique humanitarian, was disappointed but undeterred by her less-than-warm welcome as she openly revealed the entirety of her true identity to the public. Again, Ellen launched yet another failed TV attempt with her 2001 show “Ellen.” Finally, in 2003, she was accepted with open arms to the world of daytime television, releasing her show “Ellen: The Ellen Degeneres Show” in 2003 to both critical and commercial success. The show is now running strong in season 12.


Ellen is a lesbian individual, but she is not defined only by this. She is famous for her amazing sense of humor, charisma, generosity, and for just being an overall likable and unpretentious person. She has gained an astounding number of fans, both in the LGBT community and the general public because of this, and she is truly a positive force in the media industry and society as a whole. She has proved that it is okay to be everything that you are, whether society is ready to accept you or not. She has also set a standard for celebrities as a successful woman who has made impressive attempts towards making a difference in the world; despite all she has been through she truly believes in the goodness of humanity and her biggest aim, as any good comedian’s should be, is at making people happy.


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