Isn’t it refreshing to see positive female headliners in the media for a change? To see women out there using their influence to promote values like education and women’s rights and to stir change for the better? Emma Watson is blazing the trail; she is leading the women of the world by example in her courageous decision to finish her college degree at the prestigious Brown University. Recently, she also received the honor of being named a Goodwill Ambassador for the UN’s gender-equality sector, UN Women. With all the aforementioned accolades, Emma Watson has proved that she is much more than just a pretty face.


Everyone loves Harry Potter and dare we say, (maybe even more than the Harry Potter movies themselves) we love the characters and the actors who play them. We love Hermione. Emma Watson has spoken in multiple interviews of the strong impact playing the role of Hermione in the Harry Potter series had on her childhood and continues to have on her as an individual, but as an actor and a public figure, Emma Watson has succeeded in transcending an extremely memorable and potentially defining role as a child-to-adult actor in the Harry Potter series. Emma Watson will not only be remembered as a very beautiful and stylish actress or even just the actor who played Hermione; Watson will be remembered as a highly intelligent and respected member of the educated community, a female activist, and a most of all a positive influence on her worldwide audience.


Watson’s decision to finish her education was likely not an easy one. There is a reason why we rarely see headlines about young celebrities going to college; prominent celebrities in the public eye are secure enough financially that there seems to be no need to obtain a college degree, most of the world’s ticket to a promising financial future. Emma Watson is like the long list of celebrities who, when it comes down to it, have no need to check “college degree” off the to-do-list. However, Watson was determined to get her degree not necessarily as a safety net for financial security, but purely to acquire educational benefits that can be leveraged to better herself as a person.


It is inspiring to see this positive message shine through Watson’s bold actions. Considering her enormous popularity and commercial success, we can only imagine that it took guts to put herself on the hook to return back to school, to gain her bachelors in English literature.  Now, in addition to being a respected actress and activist, Watson can add “college education at an ivy league” (no easy feat) to her list of accomplishments.


Going forward, she will continue to spread her knowledge and encourage her fans and the entire female population especially, to place education and women’s rights above an array of more superficial media values.


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