In a society obsessed with artificial beauty and superficial qualities, it can be difficult to find strong female role models who are doing great things for women and actively challenging the norms of society, whatever they may be. Lena Dunham is a stand-out in Hollywood as a daring female comedian who proves that there is nothing wrong with being a smart, successful, natural beauty with an atypical body type and the ever present challenge of being a female in a male-dominated industry.


Dunham is extremely successful by any standards, but exceedingly so for her age. Her hit TV series “Girls,” which she created, stars in, and writes, just ended its third season in March and has been met with high ratings for the third season in a row. Often in the entertainment industry, it is hard to be taken seriously as a female writer or producer, but Dunham has surely succeeded at the young age of 28. Whether you are an avid fan of her edgy TV series or loved her South By Southwest award-winning indie film “Tiny Furniture,” which she wrote, directed, and starred in, it is undeniable that she has certainly established her own voice in the industry, and mastered the unique art of capturing and understanding the life of the average girl.


Dunham’s work fills a gap in television by representing a part of the population that has been misrepresented and misunderstood on television for years. Her show, “Girls” attempts to simultaneously parody and validate the struggles of young girls and women while pushing the boundaries of what is acceptable for women and what is acceptable for television. Dunham’s work has certainly sparked discussions about female sexuality, post-college struggles, and most notably perhaps, body image. Her fearlessness and confidence in owning her natural body is a giant statement that is inspiring for the average woman who is rarely seen in the mainstream media.


Her unpretentious success and unapologetic self-assurance are what make her stand out in a world of desperately youth-seeking and body-shaming humans. Read her book “Not That Kind of Girl” for inspiration and knowledge from a wildly successful and sometimes hilarious twenty-something.


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