Comedian, writer, and actress Sarah Silverman is our woman crush for many reasons. Not only has she been a successful and talented force in the comedy business for years now, but she is also a respected member of the select elite, and she isn’t afraid to voice her opinions as a woman in a male-dominated arena. She doesn’t tiptoe around the matter as if it’s some kind of secret that she is a woman working in a man’s industry. She embraces the fact that she is female and a comedian, and her method works and has worked since she first started out.


Although Silverman has been criticized before for her overly girlish attitude (mostly when she first started to become popular as a comedian, after she got her start as a writer on “Saturday Night Live”), Silverman has her own uniquely blunt way of saying things that translates into a very wry and comically critical voice. In a way, it is as if she capitalizes off of the caricature of the female stereotype, using it to prove a point; that women are not just infantile, helpless fools, but they are fierce and tactful. She tackles topics that many male comics wouldn’t venture near and slays it with her own signature relish. Some of her most memorable and victorious moments are when she, along with the rest of the comics, come out of the woodwork for a celebrity roast. She never fails to tear it up on stage, holding her own against the rest of the guys.


Silverman is not just controversial on stage; her strong opinions precede her in everything she does. Silverman does not shy away from a chance to voice her support for the causes she believes in, a true testament to her “practice what you preach” mentality. Among other channels, she uses her feminist website with Lizz Winstead“Lady Parts Justice,” to support female reproductive rights. All in all, there is no there way to say it, Sarah Silverman is an awesome female badass.


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