Occasionally, strange and mysterious phenomenons occur in our society that defy all logic and reasoning. It’s unexplainable how those phenomenons exactly occur and oftentimes, it’s left me dumbfounded. A prime example of one of those phenomenons is the horribly materialistic empire that The Kardashian family has made. I simply can’t understand the logic behind why anyone would find the never ending drama of that family to be appealing.  


While I’m not super knowledgeable about science or sociology, I can understand why certain people act a certain way or enjoy a certain aspect of pop culture. For instance, while I personally will continue to mock The Dallas Cowboys, I understand why my fellow Dallasites are Cowboys fans. Also, I’m not the biggest fan of country music, but I can logically understand why certain people would like country music, especially Johnny Cash and Willie Nelson.


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But one phenomenon I can’t understand for the life of me is the massive fanbase behind the long-running sitcom “The Big Bang Theory.” I know it’s wildly popular, but why?


It might just be a personal thing, but none of the humor seems well, humorous. It just seems like the protagonists just quote obscure and incredibly rare popular culture aspects and it’s supposed to be funny. The show seems to just run on the often untrue stereotype that nerdy guys are socially awkward and rolls with it. I understand in the later seasons that some of the protagonists end up together, but that overlying theme of “nerdy guys being awkward” just becomes so repetitive.


Also, the laugh track for the show is deafeningly loud, almost as if it’s a Disney Channel-like reminder to laugh at the attempt for humor.


While I don’t mean to disrespect my fellow native Houstonian Jim Parsons, I’ve just never understood the very dedicated fanbase behind the long running series. With that being said, it’s just a known rule not to produce a spin-off of something so unenjoyable.


Yet, just like how Kourtney and Khloe Kardashian undeservingly received their own spin-off show in Miami, the producers of “The Big Bang Theory” have made their own spin-off, telling the childhood story of one of the protagonists, Sheldon Cooper.


Why the childhood of an already unlikeable and somewhat elitist character would be important to a the canon of a series depicting a group of nerds with not much important characterization is beyond me.


A horrible repeating theme in both “Young Sheldon” and the original series is the complete disrespect the protagonist shows almost everyone he considers to be unintelligent which, spoiler alert, is just about every other character on the show. Almost mirroring the original series, “Young Sheldon” uses the same obscure and oftentimes unfunny references to pop culture considered “nerdy” that it’s predecessor uses to a horrible extent.


Certain popular sitcoms will forever hold a special place in my heart. “Parks and Recreation” and “Modern Family” to name a few. But while those shows have a diverse cast of interesting characters each with their own likeable characteristics, “Young Sheldon” fails to do that in a major way. Sheldon doesn’t appear to even attempt to be likable in any way beyond not being a serial killer.


Even if you’re a dedicated fan of the original series, please don’t spend your valuable time on this attempt to cash in on another unexplainably successful series.


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