It’s somewhat ironic that more often than not, comedic television shows that focus on relationships often only focus on the negative aspects of dating. Famous shows such as How I Met Your Mother focused on all aspects of dating, as notorious womanizer Barney Stinson was happily single while Marshall and Lily were happily monogamous and later married. Yet, even when Barney would seduce countless women all throughout New York City, the protagonist Ted Mosby always seemed to find the unattractive parts of relationships.


Think of any other show about dating and the trials and tribulations of relationships. Yep, they almost always seem to focus on the negative instead of the gooey and cute love often associated with romantic relationships. However, one show is breaking all the cliched and overdone trends of previous sitcoms and instead focusing honestly on a very important subject in modern society and how it affects different types of relationships.


The FXX series You’re The Worst, starring Chris Geere and Aya Cash as two very negative and selfish yet complex individuals who find themselves drawn to one another. Geere portrays Jimmy Shive-Overly, a horribly conceited British author living in Los Angeles who’s disrespectful to close to everyone he meets. To match him, Cash plays Gretchen Cutler, a cold and incredibly blunt PR executive for an LA-based hip hop group. Both drink consistently and heavily throughout the series and alcohol are often influencers in their many negative actions.


The sophomore season of the show took a different approach, although. Instead of another season of drunken antics between a budding romance of two terrible people, the second season focused on Gretchen’s battle with clinical depression and how her episodes of depression affect the relationship between her and Jimmy. And the writers and producers brilliantly didn’t attempt to find a humorous side behind depression.


During a later episode, Gretchen admits to Jimmy that she “feels nothing” and honestly and sadly tells that she doesn’t find happiness in anything anymore, including their relationship. Her issues with depression become so severe that at one point, Jimmy almost runs off with another woman. Yet, in another heartfelt moment that proves that the writers aren’t afraid to be sentimental, he goes back to Gretchen.


Throughout the following seasons, they frequently discuss her depression. For the third season, Gretchen frequently has appointments with a therapist. Those therapy sessions ultimately prove to even be somewhat helpful in her relationship with Jimmy until future events but I don’t want to be Mr. Spoilers here.


(Byron Cohen/FX)

Along with depression, another chronic mental illness that is tragically becoming more and more commonplace is addressed in great detail in “You’re The Worst”. Jimmy’s roommate Edgar Quintero, played by Desmin Borges, is an Army veteran who while casually joking around about it in the first season later has an incredibly intense battle with post-traumatic stress disorder, or PTSD.


Edgar admits that he was addicted to heroin, homeless and would drink straight vodka in an attempt to battle his PTSD and the latter two are confirmed correct during a flashback episode. Edgar’s issues with PTSD becomes a focus of You’re The Worst in the episode that’s sadly but appropriately titled “Twenty Two.” The title, as Edgar and the viewers learn, is a reference to the statistic that 22 veterans commit suicide every day.


Throughout the episode, Edgar is driven close to insanity and nearly everything triggers his PTSD. A garbage bag on the highway reminds him of an IED and countless men working on powerlines remind him of snipers. Towards the end of the episode, Edgar is close to walking into traffic and ending his life until at the last moment, he decides not to. Later that day, he meets a tow truck driver who is also a veteran. The tow truck driver is only introduced for that scene and never seen again but offers Edgar excellent advice on how to deal with his PTSD issues.


As they share a joint, the driver opens up about how one of his friends goes to yoga while he himself has a dog, all to alleviate the symptoms of their PTSD.


“The minute you stop looking for someone else to cure you, maybe you’ll start living again.”


From there, Edgar almost finds a new lease on life. He’s not reliant upon the drugs prescribed by the VA nor is his PTSD as bad when he consumes marijuana. It’s a jarring and gripping episode, yet powerfully portrays the struggles of many veterans face currently.


If you don’t watch You’re The Worst, then certainly give it a try. It’s currently playing on FXX and the previous episodes can all be viewed on Hulu.


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