For more and more entrepreneurs, the options for working on their own time and schedule are opening up wide. With the internet available to most consumers, selling goods and services online has never been easier for professionals trying to make money online.


Working at home isn’t just for parents or craft artists anymore! In fact, many business owners are beginning to turn to these at-home entrepreneurs to outsource necessary work without sacrificing payroll.


Tackling tough tasks in the morning when you are most energetic makes it easier to commit to them and work productively (


Do you want to try to make money online but don’t know where to start?


Remote personal assistingProfessional services, like personal assisting, are just as effective done from a remote location as they are in person. A remote assistant keeps track of calendars, manages incoming business queries, performs administrative duties, and generally coordinates between the business owner and everyone else.


Content writing and editing. There are a number of freelancing sites you can use to get yourself off the ground with writing for the web. This could mean website content creation, blogging for business, and more. For you to get the edge on the competition, you need to be bulking up your SEO knowledge. Content writers are only worth what they know, and the pay scale slides as far low and high as you can imagine — from less than $5 for 500 words all the way to $750 for 500 words.


Upcycling on Etsy. Do you love thrifting? Etsy shops, eBay stores, and even personally managed e-commerce sites are great places to re-sell the best of the best in thrift store finds. Be sure to take a great picture in adequate lighting, create a descriptive message to go with your item, and cultivate a positive reputation as a seller — especially in the shipping process.


Create an internet presence. One of the newest and trickiest ways to give yourself a residual income from home is through a niche market in social media. The most celebrated social media titans come from all channels and industries — like fitness gurus Rachel Brathen (@yoga_girl) and Kayla Itsines (@kayla_itsines) on Instagram, or even video game enthusiast TotalBiscuit on YouTube. The appeal in achieving social media stardom is that, eventually, big companies will reach out to you for sponsored posts and endorsements. In exchange, you’ll be offered free swag (clothes, shoes, makeup, food, games, whatever it is that you do!) and lots of cash.


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