The all too familiar feeling of overwhelming shock that someone feels when looking at some of Whole Foods’ prices may very well be coming to an anticipated end very soon. Amazon, the online retailing juggernaut, has recently purchased the entire company of Whole Foods, arguably the country’s most popular grocer of organic and specialty groceries, for $13.7 billion. In a move that caused many jokes on late night television, Amazon has acquired the entire company of Whole Foods or as some would say, the whole grain of Whole Foods.


Okay, sorry. I’ll stop with the puns.


(CNN Money)

Amazon has already, albeit slowly, been moving into the grocery and home convenience game. With the personal assistant devices such as the Echo and Echo Dot and their Dash Buttons to simply press when a consumer needs more of a popular product, the acquisition of the health foods store shouldn’t be a surprise to the general public, also given the fact that many Whole Foods products are currently sold on Amazon’s massive website.


Amazon, known for their notoriously low prices, has already begun making changes to Whole Foods, known for their sometimes controversially overpriced items. In The Big Apple, prices have been slashed as much as 43 percent, according to a Whole Foods location on East 57th Street in Manhattan. Items across the board, everything from almond butter to regular butter, eggs and even Reasonably Farmed Atlantic Salmon-Filet, have all been lowered. While not literally every price on every item in Whole Foods have been lowered, the acquisition may bring new business to Whole Foods and dissolve the stereotypes and stigmas that everything there is ridiculously overpriced.


In news that I’m sure millennials will love unconditionally, Amazon’s acquisition of Whole Foods has meant that avocado prices have dropped 29 percent, from $2.79 to $1.99. Many other types of their signature organic produce have also fallen in price, with everything from Organic Fuji apples dropping from $3.49 to $1.99 to Organic Baby Kale dropping 13 percent in price.


There’s currently no comment on how Amazon’s influence in lowering prices will affect items not already reported on, including Whole Foods’ bulk sections and in-house cooked meals, such as their organic salad bar and their pizza or the bar.


Another rather off-topic way that Amazon could change Whole Foods and has already changed the Manhattan location is that Amazon’s many personal assistant gadgets such as the Echo and Dot are on sale in the very same stores, along with your organic and fair trade sugar. In the Manhattan location, an Echo Dot will cost $44.99 while the original Echo, equipped with their state-of-the-art Alexa system, will be $99.99. Most importantly, Amazon has announced that customers with Amazon Prime membership will receive other special offers on Whole Foods products as well.


For the many shoppers of Whole Foods, myself included, this acquisition should be a good move. Discounts are certainly never a bad idea, and when a juggernaut of a company purchases an already popular company, there are many, many benefits.


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