It’s no surprise that marketing envelops countless business models today. Why is it, then, that marketing is often the most underestimated and/or neglected department within numerous companies?  When can business leaders safely agree that this status quo has made the change?


The need to develop the right campaigns necessary to achieve success is even more complicated these days because we live in a digital age. However, marketing conference planners seem to get the idea. There are hundreds of conferences this year alone that cover multiple segments within marketing, from inbound marketing to traditional marketing, and conferences like Savvy Panda’s Marketing Conference Guide  offer quite an extensive portfolio of events to choose from.


If you are a business owner or an aspiring entrepreneur, and you do attend a marketing conference this year, keep an eye out for these five subject areas that will likely garner the most attention at the conference:


1. Branding

We are all about promoting our own personal brands constantly whether we fail to recognize it or not. Top corporations understand the power of branding, especially brand confidence in the eyes of their consumers. Recognition and trust are closely related in the ever-important world of branding.


2. Content Marketing

This topic explores learning how to appropriately market to target audiences and consumer segments for any demographic. You may understand marketing is immensely powerful, but how do you make the difference in the eyes of your prospective consumers?


3. Marketing & Sales Alignment

How do you as a business owner, get consumers to trust your goods and services, and invest their purchasing power in your brand? This is where alignment between Marketing and Sales holds the greatest potential.  When marketing and sales business units align around the way the brand should market and sell, they create the largest opportunity for improving top-line business performance.


4. Blogging & Digital Influencer

Companies leverage blogging now more than ever, to develop a network of influencers in their industry segments, to help improve top-line performance and growth. Blogging can also attract a network of advertisers and can be used to acquire new-new consumers for your business.


5. SEO, Analytics & Social Media

Measuring the success of your digital marketing plan, should become a key priority area in itself. Business owners want to be able to understand how to assess their digital marketing ROI — particularly in the areas of SEO and Social Media — and Analytics equip them to better identify these small wins.


What are your thoughts on the world of marketing? What terms do you think should be added to this list? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro