Like it or not, the Internet has changed public relations. If you’re not educated about the newest tools available to you as a PR practitioner, or if you’re clinging to the old ways of the industry, you’re going to get left behind. There are hundreds of online tools out there (many of them free!) that can significantly improve the effectiveness of your campaigns. Here are just a few:


PR Underground

PR Underground Screenshot

PR Underground is a social media press release distribution service.

Post your press release in your own news room, and PR Underground will distribute your release to search engines and social media. Within 15 minutes of submitting your release, PR Underground will distribute your releases to Google News and social media sites, including StumbleUpon, Twitter, Facebook, and Google+. Your releases will also be distributed to more than 100 news sites. PR Underground is SEO-optimized and offered with several pricing plans, the lowest being $39 per month.


Muck Rack

Muckrack Screenshot

Muckrack lets you search for thousands of bloggers and journalists and pitch directly to their inboxes.

Searching for the perfect journalist or blogger to cover your story? Search Muckrack’s database of thousands of journalists and bloggers. You can perform searches for companies, keywords, media types, beats, and outlets. Pitch stories straight to a journalist’s inbox, and get instant alerts when a journalist’s online activity matches your search terms. Other great features include media list organization and a measurement tool that allows you to analyze the effectiveness of your content across social media. Pricing plans start at $179 per month.



Social Mention Screenshot

Social Mention is a social media monitoring and content aggregation service.

The best thing about Social Mention is the price: $0. Social Mention is a social media monitoring tool that lets you search for content, such as images, videos, bookmarks, blogs, and microblogs. This content aggregator makes it easy to monitor your clients’ reputations across every known platform, freeing up your time and giving you a heads-up when your clients’ names surface on the Internet. Social Mention will send you instant alerts for your search terms, including terms related to companies, products, and content categories.


With the amount of online PR tools on the market, there’s no doubt you’ll find something that suits the needs of you and your clients. Tools that require a subscription typically come with the option of test-driving the service free of charge for 30 days, allowing you to gauge the product’s effectiveness and decide if the tool is worth the money.


What are your thoughts on online PR tools? Do you use any of the above services for your business? Leave your insights in the comments section or tweet me @nataliepetitto