Each week we strive to share the best entrepreneurial business advice, but we also have found that by examining the most trusted corporations, we learn what makes businesses work the best by its consumers.


With Labor Day and back to school sales gearing up, we’ve decided to focus our collective attention on the retail sphere. Nordstrom, in particular, stood out to our team because of its efforts to serve its customers and its overall brand confidence.
Ranking in at 89 on Fortune’s Best 100 Companies list, Nordstrom has come a long way in the last decade alone. Headquartered in Seattle, WA,  the clothing retailer takes pride in its customer service experience. It’s dedication to its employees has certainly garnered attention, too. Fortune has highlighted the company by including it on its “100 Best Companies” list for over 17 years now. That’s some track record.
Building relationships appears to be of crucial concern to Nordstrom on the corporate level, and that can be seen forming on the employer level. The company hires from within, offers employee discounts and offers commission-based sales. These commissions are nothing to sneeze at, either. Fortune reported that on commission. The best part, too, is that when it comes to hiring managers, Nordstrom promotes from within. Almost all managers began their career in sales on the floor. This breeds loyalty in the foundation of the customer service model that Nordstrom endorses.


By caring about the employee’s well-being, the corporation  invests in its own long-term wealth and growth. Over 70 percent of  Nordstrom’s employees are women and nearly half are minorities. Community is something Nordstrom cares about, and it’s clear by the attention the company gives to handpicking each employee. It’s something for consumers to remember, too. We want to be aware that we are buying into a company that treats its employees with respect. In return, corporate life promotes a more positive image. That’s something you can feel comfortable about while you shop ‘til you drop.


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