(Writer’s Note: What you are about to read are true confessions from various former, and occasionally current employees in the industrial giant known as the hospitality industry. All names have been changed, as have most locations. What remains true are the stories of employees; the good, bad, ugly, heartwarming, heartbreaking, scary, action-packed, and unique stories that only that industry could bring.)


I’m not proud to admit I did this, nor would I’ve done this if I wasn’t so aggravated at the time. I let my emotions get the better of me, I guess. Let’s do a backstory, first.


I was about a month into a particularly stressful internship with a huge resort in a horrible place. At said resort, there many theme parks with many rides throughout. We’ll call the location of this story “Park One.” My friends I made enjoyed the theme parks greatly while I hated them, mainly because I worked in Park Two. I didn’t want to be reminded of work while on my days off, simple as that. Also, giant crowds of humanity all screaming at their family members didn’t exactly seem like heaven.


Yet, I went to Park One anyway on that fateful Wednesday afternoon. It was September 2015, and it was grossly hot outside. And the weather of where this took place was naturally disgusting, too. Mosquitoes and crying children in mass, we walked up to a very famous ride in Park One. All nine of us, eight of whom would go on the ride.


You must know, I had, and still have, terrible anxiety from the many car accidents I’ve been in. I think that anxiety transferred over to other fast motions in an open car, such as a roller coaster. They make me super nervous and I can’t stay calm. Also, I don’t like jump scares in person. In a movie or video game is fine, but in person freaks me out.


(Entertainment Designer)

This particular ride we were on, the popular one, looked like it had both jump scares and fast motions in an open car. I decided, as a rational person with bad anxiety, to sit this one out while my friends went. They knew I would do that and didn’t care, so I asked a nearby employee.


Said “nearby employee” was about 80 years old. I’m not kidding. She was literally 80 years old, and not a good 80 years old, either. An elderly person in the same position as myself, a 23-year-old, was a pretty common occurrence there. So, an elderly person of that age working didn’t weird me out.


“Excuse me.” I asked her politely. “My friends are going on the ride without me. I’m just going to sit this one out. Do you know where I could wait?”


“You’re too afraid to go on the ride?” she asked me in a rather unfriendly tone.


“Well, yes. I’ve been in six car accidents and I have bad anxiety and roller coasters kind of trigger it.” I logically explained.


Any normal human working in the hospitality industry would respond with, “Absolutely. You can wait in the gift shop.”


No, not this creepy lady. She decided to, instead of being a sweet old lady, to be a total hag.


“People who are too chicken to go on the ride just wait over there.”


Looking back, I should’ve just walked away. But no, I didn’t do that. I said the following.


“Or people who have been in six car accidents, but f*** me, right?” I said the full ‘f’ word, though.


As I walked away, I continued.


“F***-ing b****.”


You take a guess to what that means.


I know my reaction might’ve been extreme, but I brought that interaction up to a guest services agent over the phone the next day. I did that because, while I know that I’m just an awkward and gawky 24-year-old with anxiety, what if I was a veteran suffering from PTSD? And that ride triggered my PTSD. Imagine that.


Yeah, that lady’s attitude would’ve been a big problem.


I never saw that woman again and I’m glad. I probably would’ve just cursed her out once more.


Looking back on it, I don’t regret calling a 80-year-old woman such a bad term. If she said worse, I would’ve said much worse in return.


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