(What you are about to read are true confessions from various former, and occasionally current employees in the industrial giant known as the hospitality industry. All names have been changed, as have most locations. What remains true are the stories of employees; the good, bad, ugly, heartwarming, heartbreaking, scary, action-packed and unique stories that only that industry could bring.)


At the very nice and upscale restaurant I was previously employed at, we’d have “family meal”, meaning that the owner typically would have the chefs prepare a meal for the staff before every dinner service. The whole staff, all the bussers and servers and everyone in between, would be there usually.


So we were at our normal family meal and our particularly effeminate manager happens to be standing in front of me and my buddy. And we were bussers, so we were standing in the back of the crowd because we were the busboys and we didn’t matter.


We notice that everyone is gathered around this table. Our manager behind them and us behind the manager. Eventually, the manager grabbed the bag and my buddy and I wondered what the contents of the bag were.


As we approached the bag, we thought to ourselves, “No way it’s weed. Why would our manager have weed?”


The manager sits there and let’s the owner have this whole discussion about the weed until we heard the ugliest voice ever speak up.


“Now,” the manager told the entire restaurant’s staff, “I found this bag of illegal substances in the freezer.”


Yes, he referred to marijuana, something that is actually legal in over half of the country, as “illegal substances” almost as if this “family meal” was turning into a D.A.R.E. seminar.


All while holding this bag containing half an ounce of weed, he starts telling us all about the potency of the weed he’s holding and tells us that it’ll “blow our minds and we won’t be able to function for three days.”

My friend and I found that funny, so we started laughing. He turns around and starts assuming that one of us put the bag of pot in the freezer to begin with. We both told him he was wrong because we wouldn’t have been stupid enough to bring our drugs to work.


Marijuana plant

(Anthony Souffle/Chicago Tribune/MCT)

For a reason I still don’t understand to this day, he proceeds to pour the bag of weed into a tub of bleach.


“Y’alls drugs are f***ed.” he told us.


Another one of the employees, one whose first language wasn’t English, begins to cringe while the weed is being poured into the bleach and the manager begins to accuse him of bringing the weed to the restaurant.


My friend and I were losing it because neither one of us had any idea what was happening. Eventually, what ends up happening is that he fired one of the cooks because it was his weed. He never had any concrete proof, though. He just fired the guy.  


Poor dude.


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