It is going to be an exciting quarter one for the global technology world.


From the Consumer Electronics Show this month in Las Vegas, Nevada; to the Social Media Week Conference (SMW) occurring between February 23 and 27, in 22 cities around the world; and the SXSW Interactive taking place in Austin, Texas, between March 13 and 17, the year is off to a great start for tech.


Connect with @smwlagos to kept fully abreast of the exciting updates from our masterclass! (

Connect with @smwlagos to be kept fully abreast of the exciting updates from our masterclass! (

Here at MUIPR, we are particularly excited about SMW; we have been invited to participate in their global program in a big way this year. With mobile quickly becoming the prevalent channel by which many around the world access the internet, the 2015 installation of SMW seeks to unearth an arsenal of resources for a growing and upwardly mobile global community.


At the Lagos, Nigeria location of SMW, we will join Co-founder NewCode and former Deputy Editor at Billboard, Yinka Adegoke, to present a master class in writing and communications, in the social mobile age. While tech has advanced rapidly in Africa — as in the rest of the world — many of the content creation and communications skills being deployed have not kept apace in adapting to a world without print and much smaller screens.


Yinka Adegoke, Co-Founder, NewCode (

Yinka Adegoke, Co-Founder, NewCode (

The master class will address how smart and crisp writing online can travel around the world in seconds, rather than a 500-word press release. A picture can tell a thousand words on Instagram, while a well-written blog can go viral before a national newspaper gets its act together.


What does the future hold for communications pros and news publishers as they seek to engage the modern reader? That’s the question we will address at the conference in February. We hope you can join us!




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