Megyn Kelly has had a whirlwind year. During this election cycle, she famously feuded with Donald Trump, who called her a “bimbo,” “lightweight,” and “crazy”; urged his supporters to boycott her show; and questioned the legitimacy of her abilities as a journalist. She also admitted to being sexually harassed at Fox News by Roger Ailes after Gretchen Carlson filed a lawsuit against him.



After this election year, Kelly definitely got more name recognition, but she did not end the year without giving her side of the story.


This November, Kelly released an autobiography, “Settle for More,” where she narrated her journey from growing up with humble beginnings in upstate New York to becoming a successful attorney, only to find herself unhappy and unsatisfied with all her success and position. She used her position as an attorney after finding a mentor in one of her guitar classes and climbed the ranks to becoming one of Fox News’ most famous figures.


She later goes into detail about the juicy things that happened this year later on in the book, where she writes a whole chapter about Ailes’s harassment against her: There was one instance where he tried to kiss her and another where he speculated about the “sexy bras” she must own and how he wanted to see her in them.


(ABC News)

Kelly goes into detail about how Trump’s bullying led to fear for the safety of her and her family; people phoned in death threats, a Trump supporter tweeted to “gut her,” and her family had to take an armed guard to Disney World.


But one thing Kelly does remarkably well in her memoir is giving advice on how to deal with one adversity after another. She was bullied in the 7th grade, lost her father in high school, and repeatedly dealt with bouts of sexual harassment in her professional career. Indeed, Kelly does not tread lightly when it comes to her reporting, and she certainly does not tread lightly when it comes to giving advice on how to overcome adversity to attain success.


One powerful quote in the book she wrote that can resonate with anyone dealing with cyberbullying or harassment is the biggest lessons she learned from being teased by other 7th graders:

“I was badly bullied in the seventh grade – relentlessly, mercilessly by a group of 12-year-old girls. And it left me with a determination that no matter what, I had to throw my shoulders back, stick out my chin, and project a sense that no one and nothing could hurt me.”


She later goes into detail about how building a wall around her emotions did lead other women to perceive her as being “cold,” which also is indicative of how difficult it is sometimes to be a woman in this world.


Ultimately, the common thread that ties Kelly’s tales together the importance of developing a resilient muscle to overcome life’s challenges. Kelly admits that she did not come from a background of wealth or prosperity, but insists that anyone with drive, persistence, and a strong work ethic can succeed. At first sight, it’s hard to believe a beautiful, smart, and successful woman would ever have challenges to rise above, but Kelly very eloquently changes those notions — and with a vengeance.


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