Those outrageous days of sending all your news to print are long gone

Those outrageous days of sending all your news to print are long gone

Remember when you would deploy 1000 plus words of content in your press releases?


How about when you used to spend copious amounts of money on advertisers and their agencies for prime placement on TV, national newspapers, and magazines?


Those outrageous days of sending all your news to print and utilizing traditional broadcast media channels to market your brand, product, and ideas have now been replaced by a new normal: live streaming on Google Hangout, instant video on YouTube, and 140 characters of text on Twitter.


The promptness of social mediums for your business means that you get to deliver news stories to your customers quicker (

The promptness of social media for your business means that you get to deliver news stories to your customers quicker (

Consider this: Amin Ameen Adeniyi is a chemical engineer, with an appetite for photography and DIY home design. Her newly launched AminAmeenDesign Instagram page has over 6,000 fans and counting. Adeniyi deploys two to three posts per day. Several posts are impressive 15 second video presentations of her DIY design projects. Other posts are crisp 140 character sound bites that accompany her photography projects. A few stories are highly interactive tips on fashion and lifestyle brands that are sources of inspiration for her design business. Some stories are centered on giving back to her online community of 6,000 plus followers.


Adeniyi’s popularity on Instagram has helped her build a substantial global audience who follow her entrepreneurial pursuits. Her growing audience is much larger than some major brands and media outfits, and it is all being developed using her own content and a free Instagram account. Furthermore, the Instagram channel has helped AminAmeenDesign win new-new clients and generate PR for her design and photography business. Instagram has been and should continue to be a media platform that works for Adeniyi.


We live in a time where everyone owns a sliver of the global media industry. These days, individuals with just a smart phone and a fully functional social media channel are able to reach and touch more people around the globe — some even more than many major media and communications outfits in the world.

The growth of new-media platforms and the functionality available within those channels enable brands and media outlets to develop relationships with their audience and market their businesses quickly and inexpensively. However, brands still rely on traditional media for customer engagement and to market themselves to prospective customers. Additionally, individuals who are responsible for driving communications for a business are not well versed on the types of content that will get them mileage online and generate PR for their brands. For instance, a case study or white paper on why your product is better than the competition might not get as much traction published to your personal company site as a well written 140 character message on Twitter or a 30-second video on YouTube.


That’s why MUIPR has partnered up with Quartz’s Africa Editor, Yinka Adegoke, to deploy a Master Class in Lagos during Social Media Week. The class will unearth rich and authentic ways to develop writing and communications pieces for the social mobile age. We know brands just want to build goodwill with their target markets. They want to interact with their customers and prospective clients in ways that drive loyalty and connectedness to their brand.


We’ve identified the right approaches and principles that will communicate your brand’s message for an audience already used to getting their news and business stories online. Now, it is up to you to attend the course and capitalize on it. Are you questioning if your company has an appetite for this new way of communicating with your audience? Or perhaps you have already incorporated social media platforms into your communications mix but are unable to build a sizable audience of fans interested in what you have to say? Our Master Class, held on February 26, will illustrate crisp writing and communications that will move the needle in your relationships and the way in which you market your brands to your audience.


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