It may have taken time to convince PR professionals that content marketing was more than a trend, but the necessity of implementing content marketing into PR strategy has become impossible to ignore. Traditional PR agencies, particularly big name companies like Weber Shandwick, added content marketing to their list of services years ago. With the public’s appetite for content at peak levels, the hold-outs are finally coming on board.


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Traditional PR and content marketing combine to generate awareness & develop relationships with the public.

That’s not to say that content marketing is a good fit for every PR company or that companies that don’t offer it as a service are doomed to fail. Arguably, however, more and more clients expect PR companies to offer content marketing services, and companies that don’t may lose out on potential accounts. Top name agencies with big budgets can easily transition to content, but smaller companies may not have the resources to do so. Outsourcing is the most frequent solution to the financial issues that arise from adding content as a new service. But is outsourcing a good idea?


Everyone is doing it. Even the most well-known content marketing agencies outsource their content. Small PR companies and agencies that want to add content marketing to their list of services don’t have to look far to find qualified content creators. The content boom is at its peak, and top content creators are flooding the market. Not only this, but PR companies can hire a content marketing agency to do the work for them. Content marketing agencies can work with PR companies to spearhead content projects, or on a smaller scale, they can provide the talent to see a PR company’s content plans through to completion.


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It can take months to generate ROI from content marketing.

What clients must understand is that content marketing often doesn’t provide instant results. The average campaign can take months to produce measurable results. If you’re a PR company considering adding content marketing to your list of services, keep in mind that you must educate your clients about the nuances of content — nuances that aren’t likely to produce the same results as a feature or a mention in a major publication.


If you’re a business owner considering a PR company, ask yourself if content is a viable option for your business. Can you afford the added expense of a content marketing campaign? Is the PR company qualified to develop and market the content, or are they only qualified to offer traditional PR services? Keep in mind that offering a service doesn’t automatically qualify a company to perform the service. You must do your homework before signing on with any PR company, big or small.


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