First, it was “Fancy.” Now, there’s a wardrobe. Would Amy Heckerling be proud to know that “Clueless” continues to inspire entertainers and style-mongers alike? She should be. The 1995 cult classic loosely based off of Jane Austen’s “Emma,” features a milieu of pop culture references that will not cease and desist. We at MUIPR are not upset about that either.



One of the best references to “Clueless” forever remains Cher’s (Alicia Silverstone) wardrobe. Any film nerd/valley doll remembers this smart closet. The futuristic style wardrobe will now amaze hologram fans and fashionistas. Thanks to Swivel Technology, fantasies will turn into realities. Now, how about those Jetson flying cars?


OK, maybe technology is not that sophisticated yet, but the geniuses at FaceCake are trying everything in their power to get the ball rolling. Their virtual dressing system, Swivel, allows you to see yourself “wearing” clothing, accessories, and even makeup on a screen. As clothes and accessories move on the screen with you (hence the name “swivel”), style mavens can expect less time trying on dresses and more time actually purchasing designer finds. Take a look at Face Cake Marketing Technologies to see for yourself:



Although technology is getting closer and closer to amazing fashion plates, there is still a bit of experimentation to be done. For now, the software is being implemented in stores, meaning it will replace the traditional dressing room experience with a virtual reality one. Too bad it is not being sold for personal use quite yet. That does not mean this film nerd will not ever get the Cher treatment; it may just take time. Still waiting on those flying cars, though.


What do you think of Cher’s incredible wardrobe coming to life in stores across the country? Would you buy the software to use in your own personal closet? Should this be technology be implemented all across the country? Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro