As fallible creatures, human beings continually make mistakes; even experts gaffe from time to time. Rest assured, social media is an area where one can become classified as an expert. From Stephen Amell’s airtight Facebook presence, to Chris Pratt’s unexpectedly hilarious Reddit AMA, more and more celebrities have begun to show their prowess in the world of social media.


One of the all time social media greats is “Star Trek” star George Takei. Although known for his strong personal voice and humor on social media, the former Mr. Sulu recently has taken to his platforms in an attempt to save face with the public.


In a recent interview, the actor became heated over Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and his opinions regarding the recent victory for the LGBT community. When writing his dissent, Thomas asserted that the government action could not “take away human dignity,” citing slavery and the internment of Japanese-Americans.


Justice Clarence Thomas

Justice Clarence Thomas made some controversial remarks that set off George Takei after the SCOTUS marriage equality decision. (

Takei’s family suffered internment during WWII, and the Justice’s statements caused him to be incensed. When asked about the issue, Takei angrily referred to Thomas as “a clown in black face” and “an embarrassment.”


Following the interview, Takei took to Facebook to issue an apology for his words and actions.


The interview came in a timely manner, and featured genuinely remorseful language. However, like Bud Light’s recent “Up for Whatever” campaign, part of Takei’s apology involved deflecting blame because of public misinterpretation of his words:

“When asked by a reporter about the opinion, I was still seething, and I referred to him as a ‘clown in blackface’ to suggest that he had abdicated and abandoned his heritage. This was not intended to be racist, but rather to evoke a history of racism in the theatrical arts.”


Despite this, he still clearly lamented his choice of words and stated his regret for not living up to a standard of decency that he himself asks his fans to abide when contributing to his pages. More than that, he lamented taking shallow shots at Thomas, rather than carefully countering the content of his dissenting argument.


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