Happy day-after-National Coffee Day! Instead of sipping on a basic Pumpkin Spice Latte, our editorial team tried on the researcher role in order to study a new advertising trend.


Starbucks, in particular, has taken on the mission of getting people together. Two of the coffee giant’s latest television spots titled ‘Get Together’ and ‘Are We Cool?’ showcase characters speaking to each other without ever showing their faces.


Applying auditory and visual elements to present the case that our society can lose a lot by relying on text alone, Starbucks encouraged consumers to get together in person — at one of their stores over two grande mochas.



Basically, what gets lost on a text can actually be discerned in person. Crazy, we know. It’s actually something easy to lose sight of when emojis often replace physical reactions.


By relying solely on communicating via technology, we may very easily fail to pick up on the subtle social cues that guide human relations. That’s the story at least for the couple in ‘Are We Cool?’



An eager to make-up boyfriend infers quite a bit more from his partner’s telling expressions rather than her curt one-word texts. Although we could not physically see the couple sitting in the store, listening to their conversation clues audiences into the vendor’s aim.


An admirable aim to be sure, but does Starbucks really gather people together? In many towns, nearly every Starbucks has a convenient, solitude-friendly drive-thru. The business model calls for drive-thus to be added all throughout the nation (not to our dismay), keeping consumers busily on their way rather than bringing them closer.


There’s no denying these promos capture our distracted, collective attention, but what of it? If corporate wants to replace the old with the new and a drive-thru, that’s great for business but it doesn’t necessarily align with the mantra instructed in these ads. A marketer’s dream may just leave five minutes earlier for the work commute in order to pick up a tasty drink from the drive-thru. No get-together happening here.


What do you make of Starbuck’s latest goal? Did either ad inspire you to drop your iPhone and run to see your friend(s) over coffees? Let me know. Share your thoughts in the comments or tweet me @Kelseymbro