There was no shortage of bold PR moves in 2014. From Kim Kardashian’s Break the Internet campaign to Janay Rice’s humanizing NBC interview that could lead Ray Rice back to the field, the best PR moves of 2014 gave us all some juicy water cooler gossip.


Kim Kardashian’s Break the Internet

Although she gave birth to her daughter North West more than a year ago, Kim Kardashian’s “look at my post-baby body” campaign is still going strong. Showing skin is nothing new for Kim K., but she took it a step further this year by going full-frontal in PAPERMAG. The Internet didn’t actually break, but the story was covered by every major news outlet in the United States. If Kardashian’s butt wasn’t already familiar to every man, woman, and child with access to a computer, it is now.


Officially, the most re-tweeted photo of all time. (

Officially, the most re-tweeted photo of all time. (

Ellen/Samsung Oscar Selfie

The selfie seen ’round the world wasn’t a spur of the moment group photo between Ellen DeGeneres and several of the world’s most beautiful celebrities, but rather a pre-planned campaign devised by Samsung. In addition to being featured in the Oscar selfie, the Samsung Galaxy s8 phone made several appearances in the Oscar pre-show. The result? The Oscar selfie was re-tweeted three million times, the most ever for a single photo. According to Publicis, Samsung may have earned $1 billion from the stunt.


Janay Rice’s NBC Interview

When the devastating video showing Ray Rice punch his then fiance, Janay, in the face in an elevator hit the Internet in September, Ray and Janay Rice could do nothing but wait for the storm to pass. By November, a majority of the blame had been passed to the NFL, so Rice set out on a PR campaign that features one of the most important tenets of a crisis communications plan: control the message. Whether or not Ray Rice will be signed to an NFL team is unclear, but from a PR standpoint, the campaign succeeded at humanizing Ray Rice and opening the door to redemption.


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