When The Shine Project was first launched back in 2011, its primary goal was to inspire audiences all around the world to reach their fullest potential and be forces of change. Beyond providing that inspiration through its blog and various events around the world, The Shine Project put its mission into action with its creation of The Shine Scholarship Project. Now, The Shine Project has continued embodying social responsibility and putting its beliefs into action with its most recent project: Threads.


While The Shine Scholarship Project is a non-profit that was created to teach inner city students about leadership and raise money for college tuition, Threads is a company that has empowered at-risk youth to build their futures on their own. Most importantly, it has done so by instilling values of not just hard work, but self-reliance.


The most interesting part: it is all done with bracelets.


Threads employs at-risk youth to create handmade fashion pieces like these Crystal Quartz bracelets (theshineproject.storeenvy.com)

Threads employs at-risk youth to create handmade fashion pieces like these Crystal Quartz bracelets (theshineproject.storeenvy.com)

Like The Shine Scholarship Project, Threads provides at-risk youth with the financial assistance many of them need to be able to attend college. However, the key here is that it allows these individuals to earn that money themselves by creating handmade bracelets and other fashionable items that are sold on the Threads website. All at-risk youth employed by Threads are paid fair wages for their work, empowering them to earn the money to fund their education themselves.


These are kids who may not have seen college as a viable option, due to either financial hardship or a lack of motivation. Threads provides them with the answer in either case. Not only does it alleviate the financial burden while building financial independence, but it also gives at-risk youth the hope that many of them need to ignite their drive. Consumers are given an opportunity to show support that can continue pushing these kids forward towards brighter futures.


For more on how Threads by The Shine Project is bringing change to at-risk youth one bracelet at a time, or to shop their products and be a part of the change yourself, visit theshineproject.storenvy.com.


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